Ghee Bioland Qualität

Ghee Bioland quality, 220gr

CHF 9.40

Ghee is cleaned butter that is free of water, milk protein and lactose - so to speak, a pure butter oil, also known as butterfat. Ghee is not as firm or creamy as butter, but rather soft and crystalline. It smells intensively and deliciously of butter and has a fine, nutty aroma with a fine hint of cheese. Ghee tastes great with all sorts of other ingredients.
Best quality from Bioland.

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Ghee Bioland Qualität

Ghee Bioland quality, 220gr

CHF 9.40
Ghee can be used like butter or oil, but also as a cosmetic (e.g. as a cream, moisturizing after shaving, against rough skin, for refreshed areas around the eyes, cares for baby skin), or mixed with warm milk as a "sleeping aid".

Ghee is an elixir of life according to an old traditional Ayurveda recipe. It is a real "slow food" - without industrial processing. Our Bioland Ghee from the Finck Naturkost brand is without additives manufactured, and is by natural, high-purity quality.

Ghee has been used to prepare food for thousands of years. Ayurvedic cuisine uses ghee instead of butter, oil and fat. It ignites Agni, the digestive fire, and is itself very easy to digest. It is at the top of the digestibility scale, ahead of butter, vegetable oils and animal fats. It is nutritious, harmless to health and can be heated without degrading its quality - which hardly applies to any other oil or fat. In addition, it is very economical and can be stored without refrigeration. Ghee relieves the human digestive system. Toxins in our diet can be bound by consuming ghee and natural fitness can be supported into old age.

Usage of Ghee:

    For cooking, roasting, steaming and frying as well as for baking (spread with butter).
    For roasting spices; these are opened up and can fully develop their aroma.
    For steaming, as it preserves the vitamins.
    To taste finished dishes, e.g. pour over vegetables, rice or cereals.
    As toast warm with herbs and spices.
According to the detailed description

Nutritional values of ghee per 100 g

Calories 920

protein 0 g

Fett 99,8 g

carbohydrates 0 g

dietary fiber 0 g


99.7% pure butter oil from certified organic organic land-Cultivation.