Amla (Amalaki) powder, 1kg

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This is only available from us Amla (Amalaki) powder (Phyllanthus emblica, Emblica officinalis) from Kairali.

Amalaki, amla, Indian gooseberry the fruit of the amla tree has many names. Amla is very popular and plays a major role in Ayurvedic tradition. The amla berry is considered a fountain of youth. The Amla fruit combines five of the six flavors. Firstly, sour, bitter, sweet, hot and tart (astringent).

As a result, Amla can bring all three doshas back into a harmonious balance. Amla can be used either as a powder, tablets, capsules or hair oil. The most common way to use amla is in powder.

However, Amla is best prepared and consumed together with the plant parts Bibhitaki, Haritaki as Triphala.

  • easily laxative
  • High, natural vitamin C supplier
  • Bioflavonoids
  • Minerals
  • Bitter substances
  • Tannic acids
  • Superoxide dismutase (SOD)
Title: 100gr Dose mit Dosierlöffel
100gr Dose mit Dosierlöffel
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Amla powder is mixed in warm water to a versatile paste. The paste can be used either to care for the skin of the face or to relieve pain, for example on the scalp with headaches or on light burns.

Amla is so unique because an agitated Pitta can be soothed and it prevents over-acidification. No other natural herbal powder is as gentle as Amalaki.

From the point of view of Ayurveda, Amla is a particularly strong rejuvenating herbal powder. It builds new tissue, promotes hair and nail growth, strengthens teeth and improves eyesight.

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In Indian Ayurveda medicine, up to 5 g of powder are dissolved in warm water every day and drunk as a general tonic. However, this high dose could lead to diarrhea, because Amla has a laxative effect, among other things. The usual daily dose is 250mg to 1g. Please ask your Ayurveda therapist.

Amla herbal powder from natural cultivation, from Kairali Ayurveda's own herb farm.


Average nutritional values per 100gr
Energy value: 272 kcal / 1138 kJ
Fat: 0.28gr
of which saturated fatty acids: 0.12gr
Carbohydrates: 53.2gr

Country of origin: India

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