Ayurveda paradise: Ayurveda products manufacturer and trade

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Ayurveda paradise: Ayurveda products manufacturer and trade

With the registered trademark 'Ayurveda Paradise' we sell ayurvedic and other natural products from well-known manufacturers worldwide. Over the years, a popular range of laboratory-tested and certified premium products has emerged.

Ayurvedic Paradise™

After training at the Academy for Ayurveda, Marcel Rohmer had an idea. He wanted to make Ayurveda better known and offer interested customers the opportunity to order online.

"As a visionary, I wanted to offer all conscious customers the opportunity to offer inexpensive and high-quality Ayurveda and natural products without chemical additives for natural therapy and a healthy lifestyle."

Today I offer Ayurveda doctors, naturopaths, therapists and end customers the opportunity to order Ayurvedic and natural products online. The web shop is offered in all national languages (German, English, French and Italian).

all products come from natural cultivation without additives or chemical substances of any kind. The company is not yet certified organic, but most of the products are certified organic.

Small steps for your well-being

Warm water
The elixir of life in Ayurveda is fresh water and it is recommended to drink it warm. This cleans and stimulates the metabolism.
Adapt your water to the constitution like for VATA, hot with ginger and lemon, for Kapha hot with ginger and honey and for Pitta warm with cardamom.

The yellow powder turmeric is one of the most important spices in Ayurveda and the medicine cabinet. Turmeric is one of the so-called hot spices that are said to have a cleansing and energizing effect. According to Ayurvedic teachings, turmeric, for example, has an anti-inflammatory and skin-therapeutic effect and stimulates the fat metabolism. Incorporate turmeric into your daily meals. It is also particularly delicious golden milk.

Self massage
An Ayurvedic self-massage is an effective tool to recharge your batteries. This ritual helps to better understand one's own body and to feel where tension accumulates instead of relaxation. The Ayurveda oil massage is part of the Ayurveda morning routine, as is cleaning your teeth with a toothbrush tongue cleaner and cleaning the nose by rinsing with salt water and a nasal rinsing pot. On ayurvedic oil according to your body constitution, see the Ayurveda Online Shop.