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Ayurvedic teas are made from coordinated herbs and spices. Ayurveda teas are an integral part of Ayurveda teaching, as healing and cleansing powers are predicted.

Tea time is all year round. Ayurvedic teas have different effects that can alleviate numerous complaints. A Ayurveda tea generally improves the inner balance and can even have a healing and cleansing effect.

We offer various Ayurveda teas Mixes the den correspond to three doshas. The most popular Ayurveda tea is the open one Premium Vata tea in the gold box.

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Der psychosomatische Faktor von Tee

Der psychosomatische Faktor von Tee

The tea says: "Always get the maximum out of all things in every moment: Do not ignore them too quickly; do not run away from them too quickly; do not let go before you have taken out all the 'good' and then only the 'chaff' that Eliminate useless ones. Assimilate thoroughly, get everything useful out of things in the maximum way: whether it is about life experiences, learning material or events or food, it does not matter. In this way you cannot possibly miss something important; in this way you also avoid that you will have to deal with it again later. It is better to deal with something 'calmly and thoroughly' than to pass it quickly and superficially several times. "

In a second phase, the tea sphere removes the unusable. "Get rid of what you no longer need in your life immediately, regardless of whether they are specific thoughts or memories - say NO to dark thoughts - that would just stay like a brick on your stomach, or about material ballast. Don't pile up anything that you don't need. Don't let your thoughts revolve around certain things for an unnecessarily long time that you should better let go of completely. Don't inflate yourself, don't always go round and round with your thoughts. "

Let your head (ego) go through things one after the other in a relaxed and calm way so that you can finally get rid of, erase what is no longer necessary and then no longer pay any attention to it! Say 'no thanks' to dark, unnecessary, oppressive thoughts. Choose the next level.
Christiane Beerlandt

Ayurveda Tee und Aufgüsse und deren Wirkung

Ayurveda tea and infusions and their effects

I brew every day from filtered water after breakfast Premium Gold Pitta Tea and drink it during the day.

So that you drink enough, always prepare a pot of tea right away and, for example, in the Stainless steel thermos store. Let the water boil for at least 5 minutes as the water molecules are intelligent and transmit information.

Boiling water for a long time
By boiling water for 5-10 minutes, the water stores the information 'heat energy' and transfers it to our body, which reacts with an increase in the digestive fire agni.

The water molecules that are connected in large 'clusters' are separated from each other during boiling and the substances dissolved in the water such as lime, potassium or sulfur crystallize out or evaporate.

By boiling the water for a longer period of time, you get purified, very thin water that can penetrate into the very thin spaces in the body and remove metabolic waste products.

Vital substances are also more easily soluble in water and are better transported to the site of action in the cells.
Tip: Simply keep the lid open on a kettle.

Plants are called the 'Soul of the earth'considered. Depending on the Dosha Energy, different plants and spices are mixed and your inner balance is harmonized again. Strengthen your natural defenses with Ayurveda teas.

Ayurvedic medicine is essentially based on finding the balance between the various energies that invigorate the body and mind.

Ayurvedic teas and infusions are 100% natural and combine a mixture of plants and spices with beneficial effects. The spices play the key role. They provide both taste (rasa) and digestion and better nutrient absorption.