Ayurveda Premium Gold "Active F Women's Tea" 100g

CHF 6.90
Ayurveda Premium Gold “Active F Women's Tea” for women Exquisite herbal and spice tea as Aktiv F women's tea. Harmonizing pleasure, tailored to the female body. Harmonizing for body, mind and soul.
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Ayurveda Premium Gold "Active F Women's Tea" 100g

Ayurveda Premium Gold "Active F Women's Tea" 100g

CHF 6.90

Ayurveda Premium Gold Herbal Tea "Active F women's tea». Harmonizing pleasure for body and soul. Tailored to the female organism.

Not only winter time is tea time. Ayurvedic teas have different effects on our system, which not only increase your well-being and alleviate numerous complaints in winter. Ayurvedic teas improve the inner balance and can do one healing effect to have. Ayurveda teas are available in various blends for Pitta, Kapha and Vata constitutions.

Ayurveda tip: Do not pour the teas too much. Let one level tablespoon of tea mixture infuse into one liter of hot water for up to 10 minutes and you can enjoy a first-class drink. Enjoy Ayurveda women's tea regularly. We recommend drinking a few extra cups during menstruation.

All Ayurveda teas in our range have been created and carefully produced according to Ayurvedic principles. Important note about honey in tea: Please do not use honey in hot teas! Or only stir in from 40 degrees. Honey should not be heated to more than 40 degrees because honey, like paste, can be badly digested if overheated and Ama is created. Even if your grandmother claims the opposite?

Pour about 1 teaspoon of tea with 1 cup of bubbly boiling water and let it steep for about 5 - 8 minutes. Stir, then strain. Sweeten with if you like Sharkara or Jaggery. With milk, the tea is also suitable for children.
Cinnamon, fennel, orange peel, liquorice root, cardamom, ginger root, angelica root, dandelion root, cloves, juniper berries, pepper.
Ayurveda Medizin

Gesund bedeutet ein Gleichgewicht zwischen Körper, Geist und Seele. Oft ignorieren wir diese Weisheit des Ayurveda. Darauf folgen Beschwerden oder gar ernste Krankheiten - körperlich, geistig, seelisch.

Ayurveda MedizinerInnen behandeln sehr komplexe Krankheitsbilder und bereiten den Weg zu ganzheitlicher Genesung. Ayurveda MedizinerInnen werden auf höchstem Niveau mit eidgenössischem Diplom ausgebildet.

Empfehlung: Daher empfehlen wir Ihnen eine umfangreiche ayurvedische Anamnese (Prashna Pariksha genannt).