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Roasted coffee contains a not insignificant amount of caffeine. It stimulates our nervous system and increases the production of the hormones cortisol and adrenaline. It's good when we're on the run. but there is also a gentler alternative to coffee!

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Kaffee vs Ayurveda Kaffee Alternativen

Coffee vs. Ayurvedic Coffee Alternatives

In Ayurveda, coffee is not classified according to "good" or "bad", but according to its effects and their properties.

Roasted coffee thus increases Vata and Pitta and causes a decrease in Kapha.

Roasted coffee stimulates our digestive fire Agni. Although coffee stimulates the digestive fire, it can cause constipation.

Vata types should therefore only consume coffee occasionally as a stimulant.

Pitta types are ambitious and dynamic personalities. Pitta types tolerate roasted coffee better with milk and a glass of water.

Kapha types usually tolerate coffee well and it can even show positive effects. Always drink black and without sugar.

For the other enjoyable moments in life, Ayurveda has the following Coffee alternatives developed. The most popular is the one presented here Raja's Ayurveda coffee.