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Salt is not just salt. The sea is the cradle of all life. Our blood is a one percent salt solution and thus still corresponds to the salt concentration of the earlier primeval seas in which, according to scientific theories, the first life is said to have developed.

Many people think of salt as the blue packet of refined, purified sodium chloride that has been fortified with iodine and fluorine.

The composition of this no longer corresponds to sea salt or rock salt as it occurs in nature. In the Ayurveda paradise we offer you high-quality, natural Ayurveda crystal salt and Crystal salt from the Himalayan region in the bag. 

Kristallsalz Ayurveda fein gemahlen 1kg - Ayurveda Paradies Schweiz
Ayurveda crystal salt finely ground 1kg

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Govinda Natur
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Himalayan crystal salt ground, in a bag, 900 g

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