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Fruit puree

The Ayurveda paradise offers you the popular from various manufacturers Chyavanprash. It is often spelled differently Chyavanaprasha, Chyavanaprash, Chyavanaprasam or short too Chyawan and Prasha. The word 'Chyawan' is the name of a sage and also symbolizes degenerative change. Prasha means food that is suitable for consumption.

The Ayurvedic fruit puree made according to old scriptures can be taken daily by children and adults. It is very well known and popular in Ayurveda and is considered 'the tonic' for old and young.

Our Chyavanprasam Gold (Ayurveda Paradise) contains neither white sugar nor raw cane sugar. Instead, the valuable Manuka honey used. Manuka honey is very healthy. Although sweets usually damage teeth, Manuka honey even has properties that can improve dental health and counteract tooth decay.
Premium Chyavanaprasam (Chyawanprash) Gold 500 Gramm

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