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Disclaimer of Liability

In our member area and the magazine we are happy to provide basic information about Ayurvedic principles and effects. By registering for this member area, you acknowledge that the information made available in this area cannot replace the consultation of a trained Ayurveda doctor and may not be used for self-medication. Ayurveda Paradies cannot assume any liability or guarantee for the correctness and completeness of the information provided.

The involvement of trained people is essential, especially in the case of long-lasting symptoms and for the specific diagnosis or treatment of an illness. Prescribed medicinal products must never be replaced by another product without consulting the attending physician.

In some countries - so also in Switzerland - Unfortunately, the word HEALING as an expression in connection with the method presented here is forbidden by law. The use of this word as a definition and the associated association are reserved for the pharmaceutical industry and the medical profession associated with it.

Ayurveda Paradies always tries to keep product photos and information about the products up to date. However, it is possible that changes made by manufacturers regarding packaging and / or ingredients are currently being updated on our website. We encourage our customers to read the labels, warnings, and recommended use before use.

Ayurvedic medicines are not intended to be bought in advance, but for immediate use / consumption. Also think of other users who need the necessary substance.

Products from natural cultivation (organic)

Unfortunately, it is forbidden by law in Switzerland To label organic products, even if the products come from natural cultivationif the company itself is not BIO certified, which is associated with high annual costs for the retailer.

However, organic may not be named, although the products strictly follow USDA Organic Guidelines and the delivery route is also taken into account.

We therefore mark the corresponding products on our website with the label 'from natural cultivation'. You will find the corresponding badges for each product after the product title. Point at it with the mouse and detailed information will be displayed.

Please follow the advice of an Ayurvedic doctor. You will soon find an up-to-date overview of all practicing Ayurveda doctors, therapists, masseurs, hotels and short-term centers on our website or at Swiss Association for Ayurveda.

For further ask we are always at your disposal.

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