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Gourmet Ayurveda spices

Gourmet organic spices belong to every meal. They have a balancing, calming and healing effect.

Ayurveda Gewürze

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Die Kapha-Zeit umfasst die Zeit von Februar bis Mai und die Pitta-Zeit umfasst die Zeit von Juni bis September.
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Authentische Ayurveda Produkte

Unsere ayurvedischen Produkte der Lieferanten stammen aus klassischen Rezepturen und traditionellen Rohstoffen bester Qualität.

Alle Produkte sind aus natürlichem Anbau hergestellt. Die Rohpflanzen werden von versierten Pflückern*Innen zum richtigen Zeitpunkt geerntet um abschliessend in standardisierten Prozessen auf modernen Anlagen verarbeitet. Je nach Lieferant bieten die zertifizierten Ayurveda Produkte unterschiedliche Labels wie Bio, EUR-Organic, Fair Trade, BDIH, ISO, GMP, Eurofins und weitere mehr.

Wir gewähren Ihnen beste Qualität mit Rückgabegarantie.

Qualität & Sicherheit

Die an natürlichen Standorten gesammelten Kräuter und Gewürze unseres Sortiments stammen alle entweder aus biologischem Anbau oder natürlichem Anbau ganz ohne chemische Stoffe.

Fachkundige Ayurveda Experten identifizieren die Rohstoffe und garantieren für die Authentizität der ayurvedischen Einzel-Kräuter und Kombinationspräparate.

Je nach Lieferant bietet jeder eine eigene Qualitätssicherung und/oder jede Charge wird in unabhängigen Labore auf Pestizide, Schwermetalle, mikrobiologische Verunreinigungen und Schimmelpilze überprüft.

So können wir Ihnen beste, geprüfte und zertifizierte Ayurveda Produkte garantieren.

Ayurveda im Alltag

Ayurveda gilt als das "Wissen vom langen, gesunden Leben" und umfasst sämtliche Lebensbereiche des 'Menschseins'.

Das Ayurveda Paradies bietet ein breites Sortiment an Ayurveda Produkten und es werden ständig mehr.

Im Magazin finden Sie praktische Tipps zur Ernährung, Bewegung, Körperpflege und Entspannung.

Wir arbeiten mit Ayurveda Mediziner*Innen und Therapeuten zusammen, damit Sie als Kunde immer ein optimales Sortiment und Hintergrund-Informationen zu Ayurveda und deren Produkte finden.

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Ayurveda in brief

Health cannot be bought

Ayurveda the science of life teaches that health cannot be bought in a pharmacy. It requires active lifestyle changes. Proper nutrition and exercise and adapting to the time of day and season are just as important as an ethical lifestyle and meditation. Ayurvedic medicine sees life as the interaction of body, mind and soul.

For thousands of years, over 45,000 plant species have been used in India, around 20,000 of which can be used for medicine. Almost all the sacred texts of India have mentioned various plants for this purpose. So these writings (Sanskrit / Vedas) were written down between 4500 and 1500 BC and constantly expanded.

Ayurvedic medicinal plants have a variety of effects, ranging from setting the 'dosa balance' to immune modulation. There are antioxidant or antibacterial herbs. Others destroy toxins in the body, boost digestion, or correct metabolic disorders, specifically strengthening a tissue, organ, and duct system.

Ayurveda - on the trail of inner balance

Ayurveda - the Indian teaching about the "knowledge of life" - strives for a balance on a physical and mental level. These include a functioning metabolism, good digestion and a state of inner happiness. If you don't look at the soul, spirit and body holistically, you can neither heal illnesses nor eliminate deficiencies - at most alleviate symptoms. The Ayurvedic view takes into account all influencing factors that promote a person's inner balance and contribute to their well-being.

Achieve positive effects - Doshas of Ayurveda

Vata with the elements wind and ether (space) embodies the principle of movement. Characteristics associated with Vata are dry, light and cold. Pitta stands for the principle of metabolism. The elements of Pitta are fire and water. Properties of the force - also known as the transformation principle - are light, oily, hot and penetrating. Kapha with the elements earth and water is the structural principle. It is characterized by stability, grounding and substance. It is determined by properties such as cold, moist, heavy, slimy, and stable.

All life processes are controlled by the 'Dosas'. When these are in balance, the person is healthy. When you are out of balance, various diseases occur. Dosa balance means that they are in the ratio that corresponds to the nature (prakrti) of humans and animals. There are a number of special medicinal plants in Ayurveda for this purpose.

Reasons for the imbalance of doshas

According to Ayurvedic teachings, for good health it is necessary to balance imbalances - i. H. to weaken a dosha that is too strong and to strengthen a dosha that is too weak. In Ayurvedic teaching there are many reasons why the doshas can become imbalanced.

Whether social contacts, relaxation, exercise, daily routine, environmental influences or nutrition - every part of life has an influence in Ayurveda. People move too little, eat unhealthily, don't allow themselves enough sleep, are on the wrong diet, or have too high a stress level. There isn't a person whose doshas doesn't tilt one way or the other over short and long periods of life.

A therapist and doctor specializing in Ayurveda is able to determine which force - vata, pitta or kapha - currently prevails in the body.

Individuelle Ernährung im Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a teaching that does not claim universal validity. Every human being is born with an individual mixture of the three doshas.

Depending on his constitution, Vata, Pitta or Kapha predominates. The metaphor of the cooking pot, which is often used in Ayurvedic teaching, shows the principles of action.

The pot stands for kapha, the fire for pitta and the air for vata. Too little or too much food in the pot is just as negative as too strong or too weak a fire due to too much or too little oxygen. The picture can be transferred to digestive problems, which from an Ayurvedic point of view are the cause of a large number of chronic symptoms. Too much Pitta means too much digestive power, etc.

Integrate Ayurveda into everyday life

Thanks to the Ayurveda Paradise, it is not necessary to travel to India to enjoy the healing effects of the recognized teaching. Knowledge of the doshas can be integrated into everyday life through a natural and healthy lifestyle.

Ayurvedic cookbooks put theory into practice. With a lot of specialist knowledge about Ayurveda, they show how seasonal influences on the doshas can be balanced out and what influence individual foods have. From soothing teas to spices and herbs to massage oils, everything that is good for people and supports a healthy lifestyle can be found in Ayurveda Paradise.

Exciting articles on Ayurveda, products and their application in the magazine.


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