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The active plant ingredients. Conventional medicine vs. Ayurveda

The active plant ingredients. Conventional medicine vs. Ayurveda

We and other suppliers on the market are often asked why our products do not also contain highly potent, isolated substances.

Other suppliers often offer turmeric extract with more curcumin content. The reason why Ayurveda Paradise does not offer these products is that we offer Ayurvedic products that comply with the guidelines of Ayurveda (AYUSH / India) follow and because us Your health is important to you.

The offered natural Ayurveda food supplements are made according to the traditional knowledge of a Thousands of years old holistic health teaching (Sanskrit).

In the imagination of the Ayurveda Health consists in keeping the constitutional nature in balance.

In Ayurveda, the human constitution is made up of the three doshas together. The modern idea of western medicine to isolate and administer individual active ingredients contradicts the principles of Ayurveda!

Active ingredients of plants

A plant usually contains not just one, but very different active ingredients. A Ayurvedic extract ideally contains the full range of these active ingredients und not just an isolated active ingredient. Even today, not all of the active ingredients contained in a plant are known. In Ayurveda, the effect of the 'Ayurvedic plants' is based on the effect of the whole plant or part of the plant such as the root. According to Ayurveda, an isolated active ingredient can not only 'not work properly', it also involves risksas described below. An Ayurvedic extract is based on the following process technology: water soluble or hydro alcoholic or alcoholic extraction.

Modern Science vs Ayurveda Science of Life

In modern science, reliable standards were created to prove the effect of a plant / active ingredient. The effect must then be repeatable and thus verifcable at any time, in any place. Such a procedure only works with isolated individual substances.

However, plants contain a large number of active substances in different concentrations. The composition depends not least on the soil and the climatic conditions under which the plant has grown. This incalculability of the substances is the greatest point of criticism of modern science of systems such as Ayurveda. Modern natural science isolates individual substances accordingly and uses them to produce active ingredients, some of which are highly effective.

However, this approach has its price! In modern science, this price to be paid is described as side effectsthat may occur after ingestion.

In Ayurveda teaching, on the other hand, it is assumed that many plants provide protective mechanisms. The administration of isolated pure substances would undermine these protective mechanisms.

Also is the human body not used to isolated pure substances. To bring him into his natural balance, is not possible from an Ayurvedic point of view.

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