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Guduchi 80 capsules or 220 herbal tablets

Guduchi 80 capsules or 220 herbal tablets

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Guduchi - Tinospora Cordifolia is a perennial climber with heart-shaped leaves and small yellow flowers with drooping aerial roots. Trunk, root, juice and leaves are used in Ayurveda and gently produced at 40 °. Guduchi capsules from Cosmoveda are made from Indian and Sri Lankan fair trade production.

✓ Fair trade production
✓ From natural cultivation
✓ Careful production
✓ Rasa: bitter, tart
✓ Guna: heavy, oily
✓ Vipaka: sweet
✓ Virya: heating
✓ Dosha: balances all 3 doshas

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Guduchi is a sacred plant in Ayurveda and is called divine nectar. The combative medicinal herb is a real source of energy for body and mind and helps to recharge your batteries. Guduchi is considered the elixir of youth in Ayurvedic medicine.

Ayurveda has been using the outstanding vitality of the plant for centuries. That's how it counts Guduchi (also Amrita also today one of the most important and sought-after anti-aging plants in the world. Guduchi is a general rejuvenating agent and elixir of life in Ayurveda, which promotes mental clarity and intelligence and can maintain it well into old age. Guduchi is used in a variety of ways in Ayurveda.

Guduchi here as vegetarian capsules have a balancing effect on all three doshas Kapha, Pitta and Vata. Guduchi nourishes the tissue and strengthens the digestive power.

Take 4 capsules á 0.37g (0.27g net content) twice a day between meals with warm water. The daily intake of 2.16g herbal powder contains 16.09mg polyphenols². ²Polyphenols are bioactive, secondary plant substances which, in the form of colorants, flavorings and tannins, shape the Dosha character of the plants.
Powder from the above-ground parts of the heart-leaved moonseed * Guduchi / Tinospora cordifolia 73%, hydroxypropylmethylcellulose ** (capsule) * from controlled organic cultivation ** Vegetable cellulose capsule