Ayurveda Gewürz Chili gemahlen, 50g

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Ground chilli, 50g

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Ground Ayurveda chilli from Classic Ayurveda. Belongs in every kitchen. Stimulates the metabolism and burns love handles. Get your digestion going.

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Product description

Ground chilli from Classic Ayurveda: According to Ayurvedic teaching, chilli has a heating effect, is hot and has the properties of dry, light and pointed. Chili increases the Pitta Dosha and should therefore be avoided by Pitta types and also in summer when temperatures are very warm.

Vata, on the other hand, can be lowered with a small amount of chilli. However, higher amounts of chilli increase the Vata and unbalance the Vata constitutions. Chili is an ideal spice for Kapha types. Make sure you can tolerate chilli. If your body reacts unfavorably to chili, better leave it out. There are Kapha types - or mixed constitutions - who cannot tolerate chili because it is too hot and those have sensitive stomachs. Here, too, use other spices and foods that reduce Kapha.

The chilli nutrients

Maybe you know that Active ingredient capsaicin, which is also often used for pain of all kinds. Capsaicin is spicy as well stimulates the heat products in the body. As the body temperature rises, the organism forms sweat on the skin. The energy that arises in the body is derived from Burning fat produced and thus is chili a "fat burner" par excellence! The chilli pods from which this high-quality chilli powder by Classic Ayurveda was made have one significant amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidantsthat protect your body from the harmful effects of free radicals generated during stress. In particular, chilli peppers contain the Vitamine B6, C and A.

Chili stimulates the metabolism

As mentioned, chili uses your fat cells to increase body energy and therefore supports your metabolism. Your fat burning will be greatly boosted and supports weight loss. Your fat cells are reduced more and the formation of new fat cells is inhibited. Your Digestive fire (Agni) is stimulated and Ama, the waste products are burned in the process. Similar to a normal fire.

Chilli and your digestion works

Do you have sluggish digestion? Then chilli can help you if your stomach can tolerate chilli. Burning stomach or even immediate bowel movements or bronchial reactions are signs that you cannot tolerate chili. Otherwise the spicy pods will help you according to various studies even at Stomach ulcer. The mucous membrane and the blood circulation are stimulated in the gastric mucosa and so stomach ulcers can heal better. Chili also has a preventive effect on stomach ulcers. The downside: According to Ayurveda, chili is not recommended for stomach ulcers. However, there are different opinions here.

Chilli in your kitchen

Are you kapha Then chili is a good fit in your kitchen. The mentioned capsaicin in chilli is fat-soluble, but not water-soluble. If you feel the spiciness in your mouth and drink a glass of water or something similar, it does not help - on the contrary. Instead, it is better to eat a piece of bread or something else dry to reduce the spiciness. Milk and yoghurt can also neutralize the excess heat. As an Ayurveda cook, I often use chilli in vegetable curries or oven vegetables. Especially for guests with a Kapha constitution. However, I always ask beforehand whether the person can tolerate chili.

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  1. Very good quality from Classic Ayurveda!
  2. This chilli powder not only works - as is customary - just hot, but is also very tasty!
  3. Absolute top quality. Highly recommended.


According to the recipe and your taste.


Chilli powder from natural cultivation by Classic Ayurveda.

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