EMR training: Ayurvedic full body massage (Abhyanga)

CHF 649.00

One Ayurveda Abhyanga massage with herbal oils is a full body massage and different massage techniques such as pressure and head massage as well as gentle balancing body massage are emptied.


One Abhyanga full body massage calms the nervous system, eliminates fatigue and relieves sleep disorders. Ayurvedic massage has a tonic effect on the three circulatory systems: blood, nerves and, most of all, the lymphatic system. An activated lymph flow reduces blood pressure, tension and pain.


Course costs

21 hours CHF 649.-.


The seminars follow the guidelines for further training from EMR, ASCA, EGK and VSAMT.

Course location and times

Bern, Bollwerk 21 (3rd floor), directly opposite the main railway station. If there are enough registrations, this is also possible in Zurich by arrangement.
Lesson times: Friday 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. and Saturday / Sunday 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
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EMR training: Ayurvedic full body massage (Abhyanga)

EMR training: Ayurvedic full body massage (Abhyanga)

CHF 649.00

Course content EMR training Abhyanga

  • Basics of Ayurvedic full-body oil massage (synchronous and individual)
  • Handles and treatment procedures
  • Pre- and post-treatment, sweat therapy
  • Interaction between client and therapist

Course objectives

You learn the necessary techniques and the complete sequence of the Abhyanga massage and can apply them practically.

Course location

Bern, Bollwerk 21 (3rd floor). Right next to the main train station.

target group

Body and massage therapists, generally interested people without therapeutic training, all who want to expand their range of therapies.
21 hours, EMR / ASCA compliant (also suitable for other therapists with other methods)


No special prior knowledge is required.

Ayurveda Medizin

Gesund bedeutet ein Gleichgewicht zwischen Körper, Geist und Seele. Oft ignorieren wir diese Weisheit des Ayurveda. Darauf folgen Beschwerden oder gar ernste Krankheiten - körperlich, geistig, seelisch.

Ayurveda MedizinerInnen behandeln sehr komplexe Krankheitsbilder und bereiten den Weg zu ganzheitlicher Genesung. Ayurveda MedizinerInnen werden auf höchstem Niveau mit eidgenössischem Diplom ausgebildet.

Empfehlung: Daher empfehlen wir Ihnen eine umfangreiche ayurvedische Anamnese (Prashna Pariksha genannt).