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Premium Sahacharadi Thailam 5 Liter

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Ayurvedic medicine oil Sahacharadi Thailam for therapists and masseurs in 5 liter canisters.

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Product Type: Ayurveda Öle

Vendor: Ayurveda Paradies Schweiz

SKU: 54610

EAN: 48357564

Product description

Sahachardi Thailam is mostly used in Ayurveda treatment to strengthen the connective tissue and especially in the legs when the blood vessels show signs of fatigue. It has a contracting, loosening and cleansing effect, slightly warming.

The translation from Sanskrit is: "That you can walk as you want". Improves the functions of the musculoskeletal system. Prevents stiffness and tightens the skin and tissues. Sahacharadi Thailam / Valiya Sahacharadi Thailam is an oil used to balance imbalances in muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints. It reduces swelling and promotes more flexibility. Kati Basti (lower back treatment) with Shacharadi oil can be of great benefit for lower back problems. This oil is used in many Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatments. Benefits include that this traditional oil relieves radiating pain in the legs and, with regular use, cures. The oil can harden due to the temperature. For optimal use, please warm in a 36-40 ° warm water bath. Shake bottle well before use.


Recommended use includes massaging the oil daily or weekly, or as directed by your doctor.


S.No. Sanskrit name Botanical name PU Number
1 Taila Sesamum indicum Oil 10.00 ml
2 Sahachara Barleria prionitis Rt 7,778 g
3 Dasamoola (each)
Sadaphala Aegle marmellos Rt 7,778 g
Kashmarya Gmelina arborea Rt 7,778 g
Takkari Premna serratifolia Rt 7,778 g
Patala Steriospermum coalis Rt 7.778g
Dunduka Oroxylum indicum Rt 7,778 g
Brihati Solanum indicum Pl 7,778 g
Kandakari Solanum xanthocarpum Pl 7,778 g
Prsniparni Desmodium gangeticum Pl 7,778 g
Salaparni Pseudarthria viscida Pl 7,778 g
Gokshura Tribulus terrestris Pl 7,778 g
4 Abhiru Asparagus racemosus Rt.Tr 3,889 g
5 Sevya Vetiveria zizanioides Rt 0.078 g
6 Nakha 0.078 g
7 Kushta Saussurea lappa Rt 0.078 g
8 Srikhandam Santalum album Ht Wd 0.078 g
9 Ela Elettaria cardamomum Dr Fr 0.078 g
10 Sprikka Delphinium zalil Pl 0.078 g
11 Priyangu Callicarpa macrophylla Fl 0.078 g
12 Nalika Cinnamomum tamala St.Bk 0.078 g
13 Ambu Coleus vettiveroides Rt 0.078 g
14 Lohita Rubia cordifolia Rt 0.078 g
15 Nalada Nardostachys jatamansi Rt 0.078 g
16 Devadaru Cedrus deodara Ht Wd 0.078 g
17 Kacholam Turmeric zedoaria Margin no 0.078 g
18 Misi Anethum graveolens Fr. 0.078 g
19 Turushka Boswellia serrata Exd 0.078 g
20 Nata Valeriana wallichii Rt 0.078 g
21 Ksheeram Cow milk 10.00 ml
22 Saileya Parmelia perlata Pl 0.078 g



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