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Ground nutmeg Ayurveda 50g

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Best Ayurveda nutmeg spice from Classic Ayurveda from natural cultivation belongs in every kitchen.
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Product Type: Ayurveda Gewürz

Vendor: Classic Ayurveda

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Product description

The Ayurveda nutmeg as a spice in the kitchen is considered an aphrodisiac, is hot (katu), bitter (tikta), astringent (kashaya).

Nutmeg Ayurveda from Classic Ayurveda works internally against diarrhea, dry cough with spasms of the bronchi and as a natural aphrodisiac. In too high a dose, nutmeg causes symptoms such as dizziness, hyperacidity and tightness in the chest. Therefore only use a pinch of nutmeg. Pitta people should eat very little nutmeg!

Sanskrit Jatiphala, Gandhayukmuta Phalam, Sumanphala

Buy Ayurveda nutmeg, delivered from Switzerland.

Psychological symbolic language by C. Beerlandt

Nutmeg points to originality, it points to stepping out of the instinctive, the animal, the inevitable; the non-exitable maze is 'opened' by the orb of Nutmeg. You get an insight into the structure of the labyrinth, clearly and unambiguously, through which the exit can be found ... the person gets peace, overview and now has a clear view of things. Everything seems to become 'transparent' now.

In an exaggerated sense, with too much nutmeg, man would possibly see things too vast, too big, too vast, too sublime, in a hallucinatory sense, rising above the earth, stepping out of time and space.


According to the recipe.


Naturally grown nutmeg. (Organic)

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