Oral care oil, 100ml - 1 litre
Oral care oil, 100ml - 1 litre

Oral care oil, 100ml - 1 litre

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Natürliches Produkt aus natürlichen Anbau (Bio/Organic)

Ayurvedic oral and dental care with great effect with the Cosmoveda mouth oil. Strengthens the jawbones, the voice, the facial muscles, the teeth and the gums according to Caraka-Samhita (classic Ayurveda compendium). Combined with the Ayurvedic toothpastes a treat for your mouth and teeth.

Ayurveda products for Ayurvedic oral hygiene

Size: 100ml
1 liter
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You can find more information about oral care with oils in Lavita magazine.

In all calm and serenity (take your time!) Put about 1-2 teaspoons of mouth oil in the throat and rinse the mouth for at least 5 minutes, chew the oil, sip and move it through the spaces between the teeth. It is important that the mouth oil reaches the entire oral cavity and all teeth. Then spit out.
Herbal oil extract * from sesame oil *, amalakin *, haritaki fruits *, bibhitaki fruits *, cinnamon *, turmeric *, liquorice *, clove * and cardamom *, organically grown peppermint oil.