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Oral care oil, 100ml - 1 litre

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Ayurvedic mouthwash: Ayurvedic oral care and dental care at the same time with great effect with the ayurvedic mouth oil by Cosmoveda. Strengthens the jawbones, voice, facial muscles, teeth and gums according to Caraka-Samhita (classical Ayurveda compendium). Combined with the ayurvedic toothpaste a blessing for mouth and teeth.

Ayurveda products for Ayurvedic oral hygiene

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1 liter

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Product description

Enliven your smile with our oral care oils that have a major impact on tooth and gum health and well-being.

Introducing our natural oral care oil, available in bottles from 100ml to 1 liter. This high-quality oral care solution is perfect for people who take their dental hygiene seriously. Our unique blend of natural ingredients not only thoroughly cleanses your teeth and gums, but also provides lasting care. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and say goodbye to healthy teeth that can breathe. With regular use, you can expect fresher breath, stronger teeth and a brighter smile that will brighten up any room. So why settle for ordinary toothpaste when you can experience the extraordinary benefits of this natural oral care oil?

  • Promotes healthy gums and teeth with natural ingredients
  • Helps prevent bad breath and fights bacteria in the mouth
  • Can be used as a rinse before brushing your teeth or as an additive to toothpaste for an extra freshness boost


In all calm and serenity (take your time!) Put about 1-2 teaspoons of mouth oil in the throat and rinse the mouth for at least 5 minutes, chew the oil, sip and move it through the spaces between the teeth. It is important that the mouth oil reaches the entire oral cavity and all teeth. Then spit out.


Herbal oil extract * from sesame oil *, amalakin *, haritaki fruits *, bibhitaki fruits *, cinnamon *, turmeric *, liquorice *, clove * and cardamom *, organically grown peppermint oil.