Koriander Samen ganz, 50g: Blutreinigend, Detox, Hautkrankheit, Verdauung - Ayurveda Produkte

Coriander seeds whole, 50g

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Coriander seeds have the right taste tart, bitter, sweet and hot. Coriander seeds have a balancing effect on all three doshas. That Agni is strengthened.
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Koriander Samen ganz, 50g: Blutreinigend, Detox, Hautkrankheit, Verdauung - Ayurveda Produkte

Coriander seeds whole, 50g

CHF 7.60 CHF 6.80

Coriander seeds are never missing in our kitchen. Whether seeds, ground or preferably very fresh. The herb, which comes from southern Europe and the Middle East, is just as much a part of Ayurvedic and Indian cuisine as the lid of the pan. Coriander goes well with curry dishes, chutney, dhal and bread.

1.) Coriander seeds for a healthy life

Coriander has a variety of effects on the human body. It can do a lot more than just flavor food and tea!

2.) Coriander seeds cleanse your body of toxins and heavy metals

It is one of the most important herbs to detoxify your body. Coridander binds the molecules of toxins and heavy metals such as mercury and removes the heavy metal from your body.

3.) Coriander, the natural herb against anemia (anemia)

Many people suffer from anemia. Just add a handful of iron-rich coriander seeds to your soup, salad or vegetables. I also like to use fresh coriander leaves mixed with a little good olive oil, salt and spices, it tastes great as a bread spread.

4.) Coriander relieves arthritis and rheumatism

The active ingredients 1.8 cineole and linoleic acid in coriander relieve swelling caused by rheumatic diseases and arthritis. Often water is stored in the kidneys, coriander seeds - or ground and fresh coriander - dehydrate the kidneys.

5.) The blood sugar level and the cholesterol are lowered with coriander seeds

The acids contained have a strong effect against cholesterol in the blood and clean veins and arteries. By stimulating the endocrine glands, coriander causes insulin to be discharged from the pancreas and helps diabetics in particular to optimally regulate their blood sugar levels.

6.) Coriander helps with indigestion

Consuming coriander stimulates your appetite. With its essential oils, coriander stimulates digestion as well as the function of the liver and intestines. The antibacterial properties of the coridander also have a beneficial effect on bacterial diarrhea.

7.) Coriander alleviates women's discomfort

Because coriander has a strong effect on the endocrine glands, it helps with irregular menstrual cycles and alleviates menstrual cramps.

8.) Coriander against canker sores and sores

Coriander oil is an excellent antiseptic and works against microbes at the same time. The consumption of coriander has a healing effect on mouth sores and small ulcers. At the same time, the herb ensures fresh breath.

9.) Coriander protects your eyes

The antioxidants, vitamins C and A, minerals and essential oils contained in coriander protect you and strengthen your eyes.

10.) Coriander helps with skin diseases

Coriander also helps with numerous skin diseases such as rashes or even fungal diseases.

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Coriander seeds from natural cultivation (Organic)
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Gesund bedeutet ein Gleichgewicht zwischen Körper, Geist und Seele. Oft ignorieren wir diese Weisheit des Ayurveda. Darauf folgen Beschwerden oder gar ernste Krankheiten - körperlich, geistig, seelisch.

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