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Cardamom whole with shell, 50g

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Cardamom, from which the black-brown seeds ripen in green capsules, belongs to the family like ginger and turmeric Zingiberceae. The very popular spice has the flavor (Rasa) hot, sweet.
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Product description

Cardamom the queen of spices is revered in southern India. Cardamom is now also increasingly appreciated in the West. As it was thousands of years ago, cardamom is valued for its unique aroma and is one of the most expensive spices after saffron and vanilla.

Cardamom from southern India is the best quality, as cardamom still grows wild in the humid mountain forests there. The spice plant belongs to the ginger family and, in contrast to ginger or turmeric, has a cooling effect and brings with it its very own aroma.

Cardamom properties and effects

Property (Guna): light, dry Taste (Rasa): sharp, sweet Effectiveness (Virya): cooling Metabolism: sweet Dosha: balancing Kapha, Pitta, Vata (Tridosha) Effect (Karma): Appetizing, increases digestive power.

buy cardamom, delivered from Switzerland.


According to the recipe, to just chew instead of chewing gum or according to Ayurvedic tradition. Also very good for a chai tea as a mixture with black tea and other herbal teas, depending on your taste.


Cardamom capsules from 100% natural cultivation.

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