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Kaash massage bowls coarse or fine, handmade (Ayurveda paradise)

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Ayurveda Kaash bowls coarse and fine, handmade with cream linen pouch:
Our feet do much more than just stand or walk every day. Rather, they are a mirror of our physical and mental condition. With a foot massage you can contribute to their well-being. Stress-related complaints are alleviated and the self-healing of the individual organs is stimulated through targeted massage. Do something good for your body and soul with a foot massage. Also suitable for a body massage.

The professional application of the massage (note marma points) harmonizes the feet, lower legs and the entire organism. Of course you can also massage your feet yourself with the Kaash bowls. Just involve your partner and gently massage each other with Ayurvedic oil. Rest well!

The unique metal alloy promotes the elimination of metabolic end products and has a strong detoxifying effect.

A regular massage strengthens the muscles of the feet, calms and clears the thoughts, promotes serenity, relaxes the eyes and improves the eyesight and promotes sleep!

Diameter: about 8cm

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A recommendation for the foot massage: Triphala Ghee or a ayurvedic massage oil.

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Product description

Padabhyanga is a traditional Ayurvedic massage with a Kaash bowl and traditional ghee and oils. The Kaash Massage Bowls consist of a special mixture of metals called kaash. This consists of an amalgam of copper, zinc and tin.

Kaash's health benefits are due to the unique blend of metals believed to have balancing properties in Ayurveda.

Copper is said to help reduce pain and inflammation in people with painful conditions like arthritis. Zinc is important for vital functions like the immune and digestive systems, and tin is another metal that Ayurveda says is helpful in promoting healthy digestion and relieving everyday problems like headaches and insomnia.

Ghee or oils selected to make that Dosha balance of the client play an important role in the treatment as they lubricate and moisturize the feet. Like many Ayurvedic treatments, this beautiful foot massage is simple to perform, yet incredibly complex in its potential to enhance well-being and promote balance.

A foot massage is always a relaxing therapy, but the Kaash bowl brings a number of additional benefits to this foot massage:

Helps to strengthen the foot muscles, which provides an incomparable feeling of lightness. Regular massage with the Kaash bowl transfers your weight evenly and correctly to the soles of your feet, supporting your posture and increasing comfort and grace. You will walk with lighter steps and feel rejuvenated.


The foot massage bowl is suitable for an Ayurvedic foot massage and foot reflex zone massage. To do this, first rub the soles of your feet with ghee, Triphala Gritham or an Ayurvedic oil. Work the sole of the foot with the smooth, concave outside of the shell. Massage the feet with light pressure in circular movements.


The smooth Kaash bowls can also be used for the face, hands and body if thoroughly cleaned!

The smooth surface of the massage bowl has a calming and sleep-inducing effect. A massage with pure ghee right before going to bed is a good idea. The massage bowl is suitable for partner massage, but also for self-massage. Even better are the massage stamps with a wooden handle for self-massage, which you can also get in the Ayurveda paradise.


Please note that the massage bowl should not be used if you are allergic to copper or tin.





Gleicht alle drei Doshas aus. 

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