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Healthy and happy with Ayurveda

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Ayurveda coach and yoga teacher Anne Heigham shows you how the traditional Indian healing art of Ayurveda can be easily integrated into your everyday life. With her holistic approach, many practical tips and over 80 balanced Ayurvedic recipes, she helps beginners, advanced and curious people to improve their health and have more energy.


With an introduction to the basics of Ayurveda, tips for setting up your Ayurveda kitchen and lots of yoga, meditation and mindfulness exercises. Make your own Ayurvedic spice mixtures and strengthen your health with recipes from your own kitchen pharmacy.


Language: German
Hardcover: 208 pages
ISBN: 978-3881172653
Dimensions: 19.5 x 2.5 x 24cm
Publisher: Hölker Verlag

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Product Type: Ayurveda Bücher

Vendor: Ayurveda Paradies Schweiz

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EAN: 9783881172653

Product description

About the author Anne Heigham

I have been a full-time Ayurveda practitioner and yoga teacher since 2007. During this time I have helped and enlightened many customers with the following things:

  • What to eat to alleviate health problems or promote better health
  • How to strengthen, nourish and initiate the body's own self-healing mechanism.
  • How to correct bad breathing patterns
  • How to gain more joy and freedom in your life by releasing the effects of past trauma and blockages.
  • No one is too young or too old to benefit from Yoga and Ayurveda - my clients range in age from 3 months to 95 years!

As a wife and mother of two, my children were my best teachers and critics. Through feeding my family, I quickly learned which recipes work and which don't, and how to use foods, herbs, breathing and yoga techniques to stay calm and in good health through challenges.

My kitchen cupboard and my garden are now my medicine cabinet and my house and the surrounding landscape have become a state-of-the-art wellness center!

Now my goal is to help a wider audience improve their lives, their health, and their ability to cope with the stresses of modern life by applying these ancient techniques and knowledge.





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