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The oil pulling cure - detoxify easily and effectively

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There is a long tradition of oil pulling, also known as 'oil chewing'. Not only in Russian folk medicine - from whose legacy this method was rediscovered a good twenty years ago. For more information on the book title, see below.
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Oil pulling or "oil chewing" has a long tradition, and in many cultures: Not only in Russian folk medicine - from whose legacy this method was rediscovered a good twenty years ago - the application has proven itself for generations; it has also always been part of the therapy canon in traditional Indian medicine, Ayurveda. Oil pulling gets to the root of health hazards in the best sense of the word: the germs, bacteria and toxins that have accumulated in the mouth – especially on the “foci of the teeth” – are bound to the oil and thus removed from the mouth. Oil pulling is used for general health care. The method, which is surprisingly effective in view of its simplicity, unfolds its positive effects on all levels of the organism and helps you both in the prevention and in the treatment of numerous health problems. The oil pulling cure becomes even more effective with the right accompaniment; That's why you'll find all the additional and support measures in the book - the right medicinal plants, Schuessler salts and homeopathic remedies, water treatments, valuable recommendations for regular detoxification and purification of the body, the right diet and many other useful tips. Birgit Frohn (born 1967) studied biology with a focus on human genetics and pharmacology in Munich. She has published successfully for many years as an author and science journalist with a focus on health and medicine, nutrition and alternative healing methods. In July 2012 she published the book "Die Heilkraft der Olive" (Mankau Verlag).


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