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Organic Aleppo soap lavender, lemongrass, black cumin oil, 100gr

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Scented soaps with pure essential oils from Finigrana are hand-cut and painstakingly crushed after the maturing process, refined and then pressed into shape. Ideal when traveling or for the guest bathroom.


The basis of the lavender soap is a high olive oil content of 98% in connection with 2% fine essential lavender oil. The fragrance oil is gently extracted from the blossoms and stalks of the lavender bush 'Lavandula angustifolia' by steam distillation. Lavender oil has a wonderful floral scent, is very kind to the skin, relaxes and has a disinfecting effect.


Tip: Stored in the closet between washing, the lavender soap spreads its intense scent and is a classic remedy for moths.

black seed oil

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Product description

FINigrana-Aleppo soaps have been made in the Aleppo region for over 1200 years using a high-quality, natural process. It owes its long success story to its excellent and skin-friendly properties.



The basis of the lavender soap is a high percentage of olive oil (98%) in combination with 2% fine essential lavender oil.
From controlled organic cultivation.



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