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Asafoetida spice mix, organic, 70g

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the Asafoetida spice mix In Ayurveda it has the taste (Rasa) bitter, hot and sweet. Asafoetida (Asa Foetida, Hing, Stinkasant) is a resin that requires a basic substance in ground form, which is why it is often combined with fenugreek seeds. Asafoetida should not be missing in any good kitchen.

Ayurvedic properties 

Taste (Rasa): spicy
Property (Guna): light, oily, sharp
Potency (Virya): heating
Taste after digestion (Vipaka): spicy
Mental and spiritual effects: more Rajas and Tamas Strengthen Agni (metabolic energy)
Effect on the doshas: reduces Vata and Kapha

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Product description

Asafoetida or Asafoetida

Asafoetida (English: stinking resin) is obtained from the roots of a fechel-like plant Stinkasant (Ferula Assafoetida). The milky juice obtained smells strongly of sulfur and garlic.

Today Asafoetida is not used to drive away spirits and demons, but in Ayurveda cuisine to give dishes more pizzazz instead of garlic.

Asafoetida I like to use it in my kitchen because it replaces fresh garlic and onions and conjures up a unique taste in every dish.

Effect of Asafoetida - Asafoetida

The longer cooking releases the true flavor in a blend of delicious leek, onion and garlic flavors. To the Asafoetida are attributed a multitude of positive properties. So I use it in dhal (legumes) and these become more digestible with asafoetida. Asafoetida stimulates the digestive fire (Agni) and ensures optimal digestion of food. I hardly use more than the tip of a knife, otherwise the flavor of the dish will be dominated by the asafoetida. Asafoetida (Sanskrit: Hingu) is Vata balancing, digestive and is a heating spice.

Buy Asafoetida / Asafoetida Bio delivered from Switzerland.


Upon need. 1/4 - 1/2 teaspoon, for example, in a curry. In advance with Ayurveda Ghee As with all spices, sauté for approx. 20-30 seconds.


Fenugreek seeds, asafoetida.



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