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Ajwain Gewürzpulver Churna, Bio 80-250gr

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Ajwain also includes royal cumin (Trachyspermum ammi) has stimulating and antispasmodic properties and is used as an important Ayurveda spice.

Buying tip: Many spices contain substances that can pollute our organism. So always choose Quality from natural cultivation without additives, as offered in Ayurveda paradise.

  • EU Organic
  • Heavy metal tested
  • No genetic engineering
  • Appropriate animal husbandry
  • Organic farming
  • No organic-synthetic pesticides and chemical-synthetic fertilizers
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80 gr Glas
250gr Dose

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Product Type: Ayurvedic churna

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Product description

Eating gets heavier not only at Christmas (meat, fish, fats, chips, French fries, etc.)

During the festive season or in the evening, many people eat too much and too heavy. The best time for that Ajwain spice powder to use that can be used for upset stomach and flatulence. Ajwain can also be inhaled with boiled water Kapha colds with phlegm and runny nose.

Ajwain (also king cumin) is often used in Indian and Ayurvedic dishes. The spice improves the digestive fire (Agni).

Also Ayurvedic food supplements you will find in paradise. Find it too Tamarind paste in the Ayurveda paradise.


Take 1 tip of a knife with warm water before meals or stir into a fine curry.


Ajwain * (also called Ajwain or King Cumin, Latin Trachyspermum ammi). * from controlled natural cultivation.


Average nutritional values per 100 ml / g
Calorific value: 1515 kJ / 362 kcal
Fat: 14.6 g
of which saturated fatty acids: 0 g
Carbohydrates: 37.3 g
of which sugar: 0 g
Dietary fiber: 12.7 g
Protein: 19.8 g
Salt: 0 g




Soothes Vata and Kapha while increasing Pitta.

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