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Tamarinden Paste, Bio 135gr

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Tamarind paste. Best quality from Classic Ayurveda from natural cultivation. Vata reducing, Pitta / Kapha stimulating. Ideal as a healthy vinegar substitute.
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Product description

The best Tamarinden Paste which is available in the market from Cosmoveda Ayurveda. Tamarind paste is an important ingredient in Asian and African cuisine and serves as a healthy alternative to vinegar or lemon juice.

Tamarinden Paste

Tamarind is also called Indian date (Tamarindus Indica) and contains valuable ingredients. It is full of minerals, which makes tamarind an interesting addition to the daily diet, not just for vegans and vegetarians. The fruit contains water, fiber and carbohydrates as well as iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and vitamin D. There are also large amounts of tartaric acid and cinnamic acid. Tamarind has a slightly laxative effect, so you shouldn't use tamarind every day.

Tamarind in the kitchen

You can make delicious salads from the tamarind flowers and refreshing lemonade drinks from the tamarind paste. This tamarind paste is mainly used in the kitchen in the form of chutneys, confections and sweet and sour curries. There are also countless African, South American and Persian dishes made with tamarind.

European cuisine has also added tamarind to British Worcestershire sauce since the 19th century.

Tamarind effect of Indian dates in Ayurveda

Tamarind has an antiseptic and slightly laxative effect. Ayurveda explains this through acid Rasa (taste). The so-called Property (Virya) is heating, the taste after digestion (Boundaries) is also angry. The effect of tamarind on the doshas is Vata reducing and Pitta/Kapha stimulating. The tamarind fruit is also often used in addictions used like alcoholism. A syrup is made from dates, black raisins, pomegranate, Indian gooseberries (amla fruit) and tamarind. Best quality in the Ayurveda paradise:

Buy tamarind paste and deliver it from Switzerland.

Scientific findings

Tamarind and its effects have been scientifically proven several times, especially in Asia. You can find an overview of the studies here: Tamarindus Indica linn


According to the recipe and your taste!


Tamarind paste * (70%), water (30%) * from controlled organic cultivation organic & fair trade, lactose-free, gluten-free, vegan, allergen-free


Vata reduzierend und Pitta/Kapha anregend

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