Nie mehr Arbeiten! Bezahlter Urlaub für immer. Kurt Tepperwein

No more WORK! (Success reprint) in German

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Paid vacation forever. The Wealth Advisor


It is not the one who does a lot who is wealthy, but the one who can do something. And whoever is able to do a lot is also very wealthy. We become wealthy when we use our skills and talents by directing situations and circumstances in the desired direction. All we need to do is tweak our beliefs, give life the right directions, and be a conscious sender. So let's discover and use our intellectual capital to achieve an intended result.


Let's play the game of life with ease - then we can enjoy the path to success and walk it with joy.
"Every thought, feeling and belief is a cause. This is how your energetic signature is created. Also, prosperity is a specific vibration that makes what we call prosperity appear as a reality. Life is just waiting for your direction and for that that you are using your natural ability to cause."


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Nie mehr Arbeiten! Bezahlter Urlaub für immer. Kurt Tepperwein

No more WORK! (Success reprint) in German

CHF 16.90 CHF 19.90


KURT TEPPERWEIN, one of the most famous German spiritual teachers, was born in 1932 in Bad Lobenstein, a small town with a knight's seat in the Thuringian slate mountains on the route from Leipzig to Bamberg. After many years as a management consultant and alternative practitioner, he devoted himself entirely to the mystery of life. He studied cultures and philosophies in different places on several continents. As a consciousness researcher, seminar leader and author, he sees it as his task to pass on his valuable insights to people who are spiritually interested and who are looking for the meaning of life with authenticity and devotion.

He has not acquired his ability to fascinate and inspire people, nor is it trained, but is based on personal experience.
Like hardly anyone else, he understands in his lectures, meditations and writings how to embrace the material and spiritual view of things and to consider them in a harmonious whole. This is evident not least from his more than 80 books, some of which have become classics of successful literature. With his compact training courses for life, intuition, mental or causal consultants, for example, he has not only reached top managers and top athletes as a coach and trainer for years. With his life-affirming and natural nature, he speaks from the heart to every age group and professional group. His main interest in imparting knowledge is life topic no. 1 - "To experience satisfaction and fulfillment in everyday life".

Today Kurt Tepperwein lives in Lindau on Lake Constance and regularly holds day seminars.