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Turmeric powder ground in a glass, organic 100g

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The finest ground turmeric from natural cultivation and conscious FairTrade production. Thanks to the promotion of the nature and environmentally friendly mixed garden cultivation, it is ensured that the fascinatingly high biodiversity of the Sri Lankan flora and fauna can continue to be preserved. Turmeric (turmeric) belongs in almost every Ayurvedic meal.

✓ Vegan
✓ Lactose free
✓ Gluten free
✓ Raw food
✓ Vegan
✓ From FairTrade production

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Product description

Turmeric or ground turmeric powder (Haridra, Haldi, Turmeric) is a golden-yellow root tuber from the same family as ginger. The flavor is bitter and pungent. Kapha, Pitta and Vata are balanced by turmeric.

Psychological symbolic language by C. Beerlandt

The human that Turmeric actually wants to continue working within his area of ​​responsibility, no matter how difficult it may be. He knows that it is a matter of time and that his space may make him feel restricted, as if he is Saturnally trapped in a spinning hourglass.

But he accepts his mission, wants to do good and persevere, and he comes across as such: he does his duty and feels that it has to be like this, just like a tree feels that it is good to be pruned so that later it will have many fruits can carry.

Sometimes the turmeric person will break out in a sweat, but he perseveres. Is strict on himself, wants to break through the glass wall of the hourglass of time, in a Uranian way, but eventually lets it be.

Turmeric says to this person: "There are phases" in a human life, nothing lasts forever, it may well be that 'perseverance' is required"
The fact that this person has an appetite for turmeric indicates that they are looking for that GOLDEN BALANCE, the golden mean: on the one hand, staying within yourself, growing, transforming, feeling things within yourself, evolving.

Changes inside and outside are taboo. At this stage in his life he may have to learn the lesson of letting go, staying uncritical with himself and coming to an absolute non-interference or not wanting to change things and people outside of himself.


According to the recipe or as required.


Ground turmeric powder from 100% natural cultivation. (Organic)



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