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Understand high sensitivity as a gift and opportunity

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who as highly sensitive person is born knows what I'm talking about. God made us highly sensitive people to experience and learn much more than other people. highly sensitive people do not 'just' have an inner child inside them, but a baby me, an adult me and a higher me. We see and sense situations and things that other people cannot feel. Again, I have chosen a book by Chuck Spezzano that describes this divine gift and its opportunity excellently.

This bestselling book from the bestselling author Chuck Spezzano is consistently rated good to very good. If you want to feel even more precisely, the paperback is for youThe spiritual dimension of high sensitivity’ recommended that is also available in Ayurveda Paradise.


Paperback: 160 pages in German



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Extraordinary empathy and sensitivity, profound perception and sensitivity are the most precious gifts of highly sensitive people. As much as these qualities are needed to advance the change of the present time, dealing with them can be challenging at the same time. That is why Chuck Spezzano dedicates all his wisdom and experience from more than 45 years of spiritual therapeutic work to the phenomenon of high sensitivity in this book. He not only explains the great importance of highly sensitive people in our time, but also incorporates all his knowledge to support them in developing their full potential - for the good of all! Undreamt-of possibilities open up - not only for all highly sensitive people!




It's best to read it right away.


Chuck Spezzano Reading of the extra class.



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