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Corona vaccinations from a spiritual point of view

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Corona vaccinations from a spiritual perspective:
Effects on soul and spirit and life after death


Vaccination is a subject on which opinions have been divided for a long time. Today, in the face of Corona, it is more virulent than ever. This book is about factsthat can be proven scientifically, but above all about connections that only become apparent from a spiritual-scientific perspective.


Even if a lot of what is shown here can be scary, the authors want one thing above all: to enlighten, to make people aware and to show ways how Vaccinated and unvaccinated with open eyes but without fear can deal with the issue.


Number of pages: 356
Mass (L/B/H): 21.1/14.9/2.6cm
Edition: 2nd edition
Cover: Paperback

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Product description

About the author Thomas Mayer

Thomas Mayer has been interested in experiencing the spiritual world since his youth and has followed the anthroposophical meditative path of training. As he received practical help, he was able to further develop his skills so that he can now consciously connect with elementals on a regular basis.

The author leads about thirty meditation courses per year with a short introduction to the perception of elementals. He is always surprised at how well it works after appropriate meditative preparation.

"We all have far more ways of perceiving elementals than we realize!"

And: »To perceive the elemental beings means to save them.«

As a co-founder of Mehr Demokratie e.V. in 1988, Thomas Mayer spent 20 years developing the movement for direct democracy throughout Germany. From 1993 to 1995 he was representative of the successful referendum More Democracy in Bavaria, with which the referendum was introduced in the Bavarian municipalities and cities.





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