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Fenugreek in a glass, whole or ground, organic 130g/90g

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Fenugreek: The bitter wonder weapon in Ayurveda cuisine is a versatile spice for curries and lentil dishes. Because of the intense bitter notes and briefly roasted, it unfolds its fine, nutty aroma and loses its bitterness. A wonderful beauty product!


✓ Kapha and Vata calming, Pitta stimulating
✓ Taste (rasa): hot (katu), characteristics (guna): light (laghu) / dry (rooksha)
✓ Vegan
✓ Lactose free
✓ Gluten free
✓ Raw food
✓ From FairTrade and natural controlled cultivation

Ground 90g glass
Whole seeds 140g jar

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Product description

Fenugreek is used in Ayurveda for its anti-inflammatory properties.


According to the recipe and your own personal taste.


Fenugreek*, whole
* from controlled organic cultivation



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