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Bio Bhumi Amalaki Churna, 100gr

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Bhumi Amalaki Churna is an Ayurvedic spice powder made from the Bhumi Amalaki plant.

Ayurvedic properties

  • Pitta reducing
  • Tikta: Bitter
  • Kashaya: Astringent
  • Madhura: Sweet
  • Laghu: Easy
  • Ruksha: Dry
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Product description

Bhumi Amalaki Pflanze

Bhumi Amalaki Pflanze

Lots of people think about it Bhumi Amalaki immediately to the most famous fruit Amalaki, i.e. Amla. However, Bhumi Amalaki has nothing to do with Amalaki. Here we compare a small plant with a large tree. The reason for the misleading name is that Bhumiamalaki bears many tiny fruits that are reminiscent of Amalaki fruits.

In Ayurveda Bhumi Amalaki als Yakrit Rasayana guided. In the ancient writings Sanskrit is found Dhatri. Dhatri stands for Mother Earth and for health and tranquility.

In Bhotan, the term Bhumi Amalaki is ambiguous. It refers to both Phyllanthus niruri and Phyllanthus amarus. Vaidyas at Bhumi Amalaki refer almost exclusively to the smaller species Phyllanthus niruri.

In Ayurveda it is recommended to take bhumiamalaki along with coriander and Punarnava to take



Bhumi Amla is usually mixed with coriander and then boiled in water. It is often taken with Punarnava.
Stir about a teaspoon into warm water and drink. Optimal (if indicated by the therapist) with honey.


Bhumi Amalaki* (auch: Tamalaki, lat. Phyllanthus niruri)

*aus kontrolliert biologischem Anbau


Pitta reducer. Ticket: bitter | Kashaya: astringent | Madhura: Suss. Laghu: leicht | Ruksha: dry


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