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Baking according to Ayurveda. Cakes, pies & pastries

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194 pages delicious baking according to Ayurveda: Cakes, pies & luggage without eggs and wholesome. Bake Ayurveda cakes, nut wedges, bee stings or puff pastry croissants, or maybe a sunken apple cake and even a coconut-cream-truffle cake. Delicious baked goods according to Ayurveda with healthy ingredients that do not strain the digestion too much.
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Product description

Free from eggs and completely wholesome

Marble cakes or nut corners, bee stings or puff pastry croissants, sunken apple cake or coconut cream truffles - even sponge cakes and opulent sponge cakes, fine Sacher cakes or fluffy cheesecakes succeed with the recipes in this book without a single egg and invite you to enjoy them with Ayurveda sweeteners. Product information and practical information on egg-free baking, how to use wholemeal flour and how to make the various types of dough will help you with your kitchen practice. This book contains over 110 recipes. Petra Müller-Jani (formerly Petra Skibbe), born in 1965, is an alternative practitioner, physiotherapist and yoga teacher. After many years of self-employment as a physiotherapist in Nuremberg and alternative practitioner at Idar-Oberstein, she now lives and works with her husband in Colorado / USA. Since 1997 the first book 'Baking according to Ayurveda - cakes, tarts and pastries' by Petra Müller-Jani has been published by pala-verlag and the author has written six further books together with Joachim Skibbe. When Petra Müller-Jani got to know Ayurveda about 25 years ago, she was fascinated by its holistic approach and its influence on body, mind and soul. Since then, her interest has focused on translating the universal principles of Ayurveda, especially in relation to nutrition and lifestyle, into our Western culture and thus emphasizing the importance of personal health care. She says herself: 'With our daily food and lifestyle, we not only have a great influence on our well-being and our health, but also on that of our family. Holistic medicine begins in the kitchen.' Petra Müller-Jani intensively studied various aspects of Ayurveda, in particular the areas of Ayurveda nutrition, the physiotherapeutic aspects of treatment techniques and massages, but also ancient Indian philosophy, music and culture - to a large extent also during a long-term stay in the country of origin India ( Jiva Institute, Vrindavana U.P. / India). She learned Shiatsu and manual therapy techniques, completed training in Kalari-Chikitsa (Midgard Kalari, Markus Ludwig, naturopath) and teaches as a trained yoga teacher (Yoga Vidya University, Trimbak / Nasik, India). She still travels to India with her husband every year to deepen her studies and training in Ayurveda, Kalari and Yoga and to visit her husband's family. Interested readers are welcome to contact the author via the publisher. In his naturopathic practice, Joachim Skibbe, born in 1958, treats according to the principle that body, mind and soul are a unit and that physical complaints can only be treated successfully if the individual constitution and personality traits are taken into account. After intensive study of classical homeopathy, Bach flower therapy, foot reflex zone massage and Shiatsu, he came across Ayurveda more than 25 years ago. In Ayurveda, he was particularly fascinated by the inclusion of an individual, type-specific diet in medicine. Joachim Skibbe intensively studied various aspects of Ayurveda medicine, in particular the areas of Ayurveda nutrition and Ayurveda life science, as well as ancient Indian philosophy and culture, to a large extent also during long-term stays in the country of origin India.    

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