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Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis

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Vasant Lad: Die Ayurvedische Pulsdiagnose.Die Geheimnisse einer uralten Wissenschaft
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Ayurvedische Pulsdiagnose:  - Ayurveda Produkte

Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis

CHF 42.90 CHF 36.60

The secrets of an ancient science - pulse diagnosis

The world-famous Ayurvedic doctor Dr. Vasant Lad invites you into the secrets of Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis. Starting with the distinction between the three basic types (doshas) of Vata, Pitta and Kapha, the reader gradually opens up a whole universe of diagnostic possibilities. In addition to the seven properties of the pulse such as rhythm, volume and temperature, the state of health of all organs can be assessed on the basis of the seven levels. This includes ailments such as asthma, stomach ulcers, heart, kidney and liver diseases and even psychosis. An experienced therapist can even determine a pregnancy in the first few weeks after conception based on the pulse, determine the gender and make further statements about the future child. Feeling the pulse is an art that requires practice and sensitivity.

Once you have become a master at this, you have a highly developed diagnostic tool that cannot be replaced by any machine. Vasant Lad is characterized by an impressive humility. His explanations are simple and crystal clear and can also be understood and learned step by step for the western reader. It goes far beyond the known literature and presents studies in such detail that they cannot be found anywhere else. A jewel of Ayurvedic literature. "The work describes a unique method for assessing the pulse, which increases the sensitivity and awareness of the therapist and helps to directly perceive the deep causes that affect the body." B. Cook Lecturer at the Wellpark College of Natural Therapies.

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BASICS OF AYURVEDIC NUTRITION Many nutritional concepts have a big catch: They do not or hardly address the individual. Ayurvedic nutrition, on the other hand, is based on the clear recognition that every person is completely unique. This also means that it is difficult to generalize what is healthy and gives the body energy, and what weakens and makes it sick. You have probably already noticed this in your everyday life: While one is eating a large salad bowl at lunchtime, which gives him strength and which his organism can process well, the other is literally in the stomach with the raw vegetables, and he feels really full and satisfied neither. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the foods you eat give you the full measure of vitality, health and wellbeing? What is it that is really good for you? If we are in harmony with ourselves, we intuitively feel which foods are really good for us and which are not. However, many people today have lost this feeling. The Tridosha concept is particularly valuable against this background, as it provides us with information about which foods are ideal for us. The Vata Dosha type, for example, quickly becomes unbalanced if he eats too little warm food and too irregularly. The Pitta type, on the other hand, overheats quickly and can also use cold food and drinks well. The Kapha type has a tendency to gum up quickly and should therefore only consume mucus-forming foods like milk in moderation. Time of day and seasons Ayurveda not only sees you as an individual and picks you up where you are currently. Indian healing knowledge also takes into account the times of day and seasons, i.e. the natural cycle of life. Because these also have a strong influence on which diet is optimal for us. For example, if you want to lose weight, make sure you don't eat breakfast before ten in the morning. Because from this time on, the Pitta energy, which is responsible for digestion, is increased. Digestion is at the center of Ayurvedic nutrition. Again: you can choose organic food of the highest quality. If your organism cannot really use them, they do not give it any energy and become a burden for it. In addition to the selection of fresh foods suitable for the Dosha type and the consideration of the times of day, Ayurvedic nutrition teaches other very effective ways to ensure that Agni, the digestive fire, burns optimally. The preparation of the food plays a decisive role in this. Warm dishes It is generally advisable for all Dosha types to consume warm dishes, especially in the evening. These are easier to digest and nourish the organism. Those who, on the other hand, eat a lot of raw food in the evening may have already noticed that instead of the hoped-for vitamin energy kick, it is more difficult. Since the Kapha energy, which tends to be sluggish, increases from 6 p.m. onwards, digestion works rather slowly from this point on. This means that the organism has to work really hard to digest food. In Ayurveda, vegetables are gently cooked because this is how the gastrointestinal tract can process them in the first place. If you feel like the salad for lunch is good for you - stick with it. Ayurveda forbids nothing and trains you to trust your own intuition. As a rule, however, you should not consume any raw vegetables or fruit after 6 p.m., otherwise your body will be busy with digestion all night. So it may be that you wake up completely exhausted! (...)
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Empfehlung: Daher empfehlen wir Ihnen eine umfangreiche ayurvedische Anamnese (Prashna Pariksha genannt).

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