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Bio Ashwagandha Churna Powder (Churna), 70gr

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Ashwagandha (also Ashwagandha) is a nightshade wax and is also called sleeping berry (Withania somnifera). Ashvagandha imparts vitality and acts as a tonic (brimhana), rejuvenant, aphrodisiac (vajikarana), nervine, sedative, astringent. Ashvagandha occupies a similar place in Ayurveda as ginseng does in Chinese medicine.


✓ Lowers Vata and Kapha. Pitta and Ama are increased with excessive use.

✓ Rasa (taste): bitter, tart

✓ Guna (Trait): Easy

✓ Virya (potency): heating

✓ Vipaka (n. digestion): sweet

✓ Supplied with a practical dosing spoon
✓ From our own FairTrade production and natural cultivation


› Also note Ashwagandha Churna im 1KG Beutel.

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Product description

Ashwagandha or Ashwagandha is a true all-rounder whether during menopause or other hormonal imbalances. A versatile adaptogen.

Ashwagandha is not only valued in traditional Ayurvedic medicine. Western industrial companies have also recognized that Ashwagandha added to beverages and lifestyle products has a very positive effect on people. Most of the time, however, the products are 'adulterated' and 'stretched' with vitamins and additives, which can affect the optimal, natural effect of ashwagandha on the human body. You can get more information from your Ayurveda doctor or therapist and on the Internet.


According to Ayurvedic teaching. We always recommend a previous consultation with an Ayurveda doctor: Classically, the Ashwagandha Churna (Churna = powder) is drunk with warm milk. 1 teaspoon / 1g 2-3 times a day, with good warm, unpasteurized and homogenized organic milk is a good tonic, because in Ayurveda milk is already considered Rasayana. People who are lactose intolerant or who are vegan can replace the milk with almond milk or another plant-based milk.


Powder from the root of the winter cherry / sleeping berry * Ashwagandha / Withania somnifera * from controlled organic cultivation