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All's Well in the End - Paperback

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2020 was a weird, crazy "Corona" year. It was dominated by worldwide crises, by fear and uncertainty, by measures and protests, by enemy thinking and mutual finger-pointing.

In the midst of this confusing time, a young woman raises her voice and speaks plain language: Christina von Dreien (born 2001), representative of a new generation of signposts and positive initiators. Her impressive perspective opens up a new, more comprehensive view of the current world situation and the times ahead. Outside the usual clichés of lateral thinkers and spiritualists, she succeeds in reaching and touching people's hearts with a message that is as simple as it is ingenious.

  • ✓ See and promote the positive in everything
  • ✓ Opening ourselves up to new insights
  • ✓ Don't be afraid - no matter what happens (living here and now)
  • ✓ Trust that everything will be fine in the end
  • ✓ Ask our spiritual helpers for support
  • ✓ Cultivate contentment, gratitude and forgiveness
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When I opened up to spirituality, I was constantly faced with the question: "Why Corona, why this unrest worldwide?"

"With all the turmoil and what's happening all over the world right now, it's especially important that we make sure we're doing well inside and out now and in the coming months." Only in this way can we maintain the confidence and trust that in the end everything will be fine.:"

"In the end everything will be fine, that's for sure. However, this requires the help of each and every one of us! As soon as we recognize this, we have the responsibility to keep sending something positive into the collective field of consciousness. Let's not forget the 'little' things of everyday life - a smile, a friendly look, a kind word - all of this is more important than we might think".

Live in the here and now!


Read slowly and carefully.


85 pages full of love.



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