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Questions and Answers (FAQ)

Organic certification

ORGANIC certification

The Swiss BIO certification has been applied for and will be completed by around February 2023. BIO products can already be purchased in the Ayurveda Online Shop be ordered online.

What is Ayurveda?

Ayur what? What is Ayurveda?

The task of Ayurveda is to heal the ailments/diseases of humans holistically, to protect the healthy and to prolong life - for over 5,000 years!

Ayurveda is also your health care and support of healing processes and a natural philosophy of life. Ayurveda consists of AYUR - which means life and VEDA - which corresponds to the term knowledge.

Which topics belong to Ayurveda?
    Nutrition for a long, healthy life.
    A healthy lifestyle - today this is often called 'live work balance' or stress management.
    Massages, relaxation exercises and breathing exercises
    meditation and awareness raising, Herbal therapies and phytotherapies
    Ayurvedic Medicine and Ayurvedic Psychology

Is Ayurveda a healing art that is only used when one is suffering from ailments or is ill?

Ayurveda is primarily used to promote health in order to prevent diseases from developing in the first place. Ayurveda is also increasingly being used in conventional medical facilities, so many trained conventional medical practitioners (Dr. med.) have completed additional training as Ayurveda physicians. However, Ayurveda is also used successfully for chronic and acute diseases. Ayurveda doctors complete many years of well-founded training with a federal diploma.

For the treatment of certain diseases and functional disorders, an inpatient stay in an Ayurveda institution is necessary. However, inpatient Ayurveda treatments are not only indicated when outpatient treatment is not sufficient. The traditional literature even recommends carrying out such exercises regularly to maintain health. Visit the: Ayurveda Association VSAMT)

Are Ayurveda treatments covered by health insurance?

If you have taken out supplementary insurance with your health insurance company, they will cover the costs depending on the policy. Please contact your health insurance company directly for more information.

Cooperation between Ayurveda and conventional medicine

Some conventional doctors completed additional training to become Ayurveda physicians. There are also institutions such as 'JIVITA Complementary Medicine Bethanien' and Ayurveda departments of Swiss hospitals and private clinics that specialize in holistic Ayurveda treatment.

To order

Which shipping service providers are available?

We always ship with Swiss Post with B-Economy within 2-3 days. Shipping prices are calculated automatically at checkout. We add CHF 1.00 to the shipping prices for the package and packaging. We are interested in whether you prefer a courier such as DPD or DHL, which would cost around CHF 1 more. Just write to us and click on contact. We look forward to your feedback.

How can I pay in the Ayurveda paradise?

We value the fact that we can offer you, as a valued customer, various payment options. Every customer has their own preferences. Pay conveniently at the checkout Debit and credit cards such as: Mastercard, Visa, TWINT, Postcard. Assuming creditworthiness, we will also send you one invoice, which is to be paid within 10 days.

How can I order?

Cart Orders: You can put the product(s) in the shopping cart and click on checkout to complete the order. You will be guided step by step.
Telephone and email orders: We are happy to help you if you have difficulties with the online shop.
Just give us a call Tel. 043 211 91 91. If so, we're not there. How to leave your order of the products via the answering machine with indication of exact address with email address and telephone number. Or send a message and click in the top navigation CONTACT.

Can I return a product?

You can return a hardware product. All other products are non-returnable. There is no right of withdrawal in Switzerland.

When will I receive my package?

Depending on the order, we deliver on the same day. The post needs 2-3 days for shipping with B-Economy Post. We do not ship packages on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. These will be delivered on the first working day thereafter. We offer A Mail or express shipping on prior telephone request Tel. 043 211 91 91 an.

Do you ship internationally?

We ship within Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein. We would also be happy to ship throughout Europe. However, the procedure is complex and the shipping prices of the shipping service providers are high.


Is ordering and paying online safe?

We use on our website without exception encrypted pages (https) and are connected to a payment provider that ensures absolute security. Payment by debit or credit card is secure.


I didn't receive my pakeit or it was stolen, what to do?

Broken Packages: If your package arrives defective, take photos of it and email them to us. Report this to the nearest post office with your tracking number which can be found on your shipping label and starts with 99.. Swiss Post will inform you about the next steps. Not Arrived/Stolen Packages: Create a loss report online at www.suisse-epolice.ch. Print them out and go to the nearest post office and inform the post office that you have lost them. Swiss Post will inform you about the next steps.

Do i get a discount as a dealer/therapist?

Dealers can ask us about the products manufactured by Ayurveda Paradise. You will receive special conditions according to our framework agreement for dealers from 15% - 40%.