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Real copper bottle Ayurveda Design Nature

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Handmade copper bottle according to Ayurveda made of 99.7% copper

  • Unique handmade original
  • Dimensions: 26x7.5cm with cap
  • Content 900ml
  • Made of 99.7% pure copper
  • 2 years ‘bring in’ warranty

Cheaper offered copper bottles are usually only coated and offer no therapeutic effect! Note the information (application) below.

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Product Type: Ayurveda copper bottles

Vendor: Ayurveda Paradies Schweiz

SKU: 902021

EAN: 39255996

Product description

Real copper bottle Ayurveda Nature red 900ml

The water from the copper bottles has a balancing effect as Ayurveda has known for thousands of years. It balances all three doshas and works antibacterial, antioxidant, rejuvenating and cleanses of toxins and free radicals

Not suitable for dishwashers. Clean the copper bottle about every 2 weeks with a spoonful of citric acid (juice) and hot water. We recommend drinking up to 1 liter of water from a copper bottle per day. Every Copper bottle is unique and was handmade with a lot of love from one piece of copper without hubs and is in Eco bag to take with you delivered.. We introduce the bottles in the Ayurveda Paradise, so there are only small quantities. 


Fill in the Copper bottle in the evening with fresh water. Let the water stand overnight and drink the copper water the next morning or throughout the day. From a scientific point of view, the water has absorbed the smallest traces of copper and carries this information in itself.

Attention: Pure copper, 99.7%! Most of the copper bottles available on the market are coated with copper and do not give water any therapeutic properties!

A joint-free design guarantees the long durability the copper bottle and the Copper bottle can last a lifetime! The new and improved closure is made to screw on and provided with a food-safe silicone washer to enable permanent and leak-proof use. Even if the bottle is upside down.

Care: The copper bottles and cups are coated on the outside with a thin lacquer and therefore hardly need any maintenance. Inside, the copper is natural. If there are traces of oxidation inside, these are best removed with lemon juice or citric acid in powder form. Put 1 tablespoon of citric acid in the bottle, fill it with hot water and wait about 5 minutes. The copper then shines like new.


Hand made by an Indian artist. 99.7% copper. Has a therapeutic effect.


Gleicht alle Dosha aus


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