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Real Ayurveda copper bottles

Real Ayurveda copper bottles

Our real ones Ayurveda copper bottles are handcrafted with love, expertise and passion by experienced artists in India using traditional techniques. Each of our real ones Copper bottle is formed from a sheet of 97.7% copper without joints or seams and sealed with a leak-proof closure.

As a result, the Copper bottles Made from the best quality and not just from a copper alloy - which, by the way, are not therapeutically effective.

Ayurveda copper bottles have an antibacterial effect, increase the pH value of the water and make it alkaline. Keep the drinking water in a copper bottle and keep it overnight and enjoy sip by sip during the day.
According to traditional Ayurveda medicine and philosophy of life, copper protects your body from diseases and balances the three Dosha energies in the body. By the way, copper also counts as a natural antioxidant that strengthens our immune system, slows down the aging process, reduces toxins and much more. 7 reasons speak for a real Ayurveda copper bottle:

8 reasons speak for a real Ayurveda copper bottle

Copper strengthens your immune system

Copper is known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Recent studies have shown that storing water in a real copper vessel can reduce the risk of bacterial contamination in the water. Among other things, E.coli and S. aureus bacteria are combated, which are common in our environment and known to cause serious diseases. Real copper bottles and other copper containers have been used in countries around the world for centuries.

Supports you in weight loss

Several new studies also show that copper plays a key role in lipid metabolism. This means that it helps your body lose fat. By supporting a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle such as the Ayurvedic morning routine, physical activity according to Dosha, meditation, if you are interested, yoga and a daily freshly cooked healthy meal without additives and preservatives and the necessary daily relaxation, you support your body to lose weight several times to purify and eliminate toxins the natural way.

Copper has a rejuvenating effect

Interesting studies also showed that getting enough copper can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and slow down skin aging. Respect and value your body and take care of it daily. It is the temple of your soul and it will thank you with joy, health and ojas (life energy). Copper supports the production of skin cells and fights daily free radicals that contribute to the appearance of skin aging.

Echte Ayurveda Kupferflaschen kaufen

Maintaining Cardiovascular Health - Cardiovascular System

Some studies have found that copper minimizes the risk of heart disease through its proven ability to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Copper also helps with plaque formation in the arteries and dilates the blood vessels to enable better blood flow to the heart.

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Supports your thyroid

Copper cannot be produced in the body and has to be obtained from external sources. Here, too, various studies have shown that copper is necessary for healthy thyroid function. People with a low copper level usually also suffer from insufficient copper. Copper is one of the most important minerals and essential for healthy thyroid function. Copper also helps the body absorb iron, which is essential for maintaining healthy iron levels and preventing anemia.

Stimulates your brain

Copper plays an essential role in good brain health, as shown by recent studies. The brain transmits impulses from one neuron to another through a range of synapses. The number of human synapses in the brain is approximately 100 trillion. Synapses are responsible for the smooth flow of information in the brain. Neurons are covered by a myelin sheath that acts as a kind of conductivity. Copper helps in the synthesis of materials that are important for the formation of these myelin sheaths.

Copper keeps your skin healthy

In the production of new cells, copper plays a key component in the production of new cells. Copper helps fill the top layers of the skin and keep it fresh and radiant. The skin is considered a secondary tissue of the muscle tissue and therefore has a close functional relationship with the muscles. Ayurveda oil, for example, has a deeper effect than only on the top layer of the epidermis. Without copper, a person would be a colorless being, because copper contributes to the formation of the pigment melanin, which gives the skin and hair real color. Copper also promotes the cross-linking of the collagen and elastin layers in the skin and activates enzymes that remove old connective tissue. A balanced copper balance is the basis for the growth of bones, optimal function of the central nervous system and thus has an influence on the production of red blood cells.

Echte Ayurveda Kupferflaschen kaufen

Helps with monthly complaints

Copper also helps regulate a woman's menstrual cycle. The regulation is done very simply by drinking the water that has been kept in it for at least 8 hours (overnight).

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