Narayana Thailam, 200ml: Abhyanga, Basti, Morgenroutine, Nasya, Vata ausgleichend - Ayurveda Produkte
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Narayana Thailam, 200ml

CHF 25.00
Narayana Thailam Ayurveda Massage Oil has a balancing effect on Vata based on sesame and 27 different ingredients with little milk. It is traditionally used for stress and overload, as well as anxiety and to strengthen the nerves.
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Narayana Thailam, 200ml: Abhyanga, Basti, Morgenroutine, Nasya, Vata ausgleichend - Ayurveda Produkte

Narayana Thailam, 200ml

CHF 25.00

This Ayurveda massage oil Narayana Thailam is used in Ayurveda against an increased Vata (start Dosha test) such as inner restlessness, insomnia, tension, joint pain, muscle pain or headache. For example, it can be used in an Ayurvedic Kati Basti.

Ayurveda massage oils are always warmed up to lukewarm before use. All Vata-reducing oils are ideal for the daily morning routine and Ayurvedic self-massage (abhyanga). You can find the instructions for this in our brochure, which is included in the package for the morning routine. The Ayurveda massage oil Narayana Tailam can also be used as part of a nasya treatment.

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According to Ayurvedic tradition. Can also be used as part of a nasal nasya treatment.
Aegle marmelos root Premna corymbosa Root Oroxylum indicum Root Stereospermun colais Root Azadirachta indica Stem Bark Merremia tridentata Whole Plant Withania somnifera stem Solanum indicum Root Solanum surratense Root Sida cordifolia Root Abutilon indicum Root Tribulus terrestris Fruit Boerhaavia diffusa Root Anethum sowa seed Cedrus deodara Heart Wood Asphaltum punjabinum Acorus calamus Root Elettaria cardamomum Seed Psuedarthria viscida Root Desmodium gangeticum root Vigna pilosa root Vigna radiata root Alpinia galanga root Withania somnifera stem Boerhaavia diffusa Root Saindhava (rock salt) Asparagus racemosus Root Milk Sesame oil
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Recommendation: We therefore recommend that you take a comprehensive Ayurvedic medical history (called Prashna Pariksha).

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