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Triphala Churna (Ayurvedische Würzmischung) 100-250gr

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The popular biological Triphala Churna harmonizes the balance of the doshas by balancing the 6 flavors. It provides the body with the flavors sweet, sour, bitter, spicy, tart.

Triphala stimulates the metabolism, has a cleansing and astringent effect, strengthens the immune system and organs and protects cells. Triphala is also used for indigestion and detoxification of the body.

250gr Glas
100gr Glas

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Product description

Traditional Ayurveda: Triphala Churna from natural cultivation. The Ayurvedic spice powder from the three fruits. Hartitaki Vata, Amalaki Pitta and Bibhitaki calm the Kapha Dosha.

Ayurveda Text: Sarngadharasamhita


Stir approx. 4g powder (two lightly heaped teaspoons) into warm water and drink.


Herbal powder made from the fruits of the Indian gooseberry * Amalaki / Emblica officinalis, fruits of the greens, Belerian myrobalans * Bibhitaki / Terminalia bellirica and fruits of the large myrobalans * Haritaki / Terminalia chebula * from controlled organic cultivation



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