Triphala Churna, 120 - 500gr
Triphala Churna, 120 - 500gr

Triphala Churna, 120 - 500gr

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The popular biological Triphala Churna harmonizes the balance of the doshas by balancing the 6 flavors. It provides the body with the flavors sweet, sour, bitter, spicy, tart.

Triphala stimulates the metabolism, has a cleansing and astringent effect, strengthens the immune system and organs and protects cells. Triphala is also used for indigestion and detoxification of the body.

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Traditional Ayurveda: organic Triphala Churna from natural cultivation by Cosmoveda. Ayurvedic spice powder made from the fruit.

Effective for constipation, flatulence and metabolic complaints.

Ayurveda text: Sarngadharasamhita

Ayurvedic properties

Dosha: reduces all 3 doshas Rasa: sweet, sour Vipaka: hot, sweet Virya: cooling, hot, hot


Various studies from the NCBI are available.
Stir approx. 4g powder (two lightly heaped teaspoons) into warm water and drink.
Herbal powder made from the fruits of the Indian gooseberry * Amalaki / Emblica officinalis, fruits of the greens, Belerian myrobalans * Bibhitaki / Terminalia bellirica and fruits of the large myrobalans * Haritaki / Terminalia chebula * from controlled organic cultivation