Rasam Masala glass 80g

CHF 9.00

The delicious Rasam Masala spice preparation is added for a liquid, South Indian dish. It strengthens the digestive fire agni. Vata and Kapha energies can increase your digestive fire and appetite with the use of Rasam Masala in the kitchen. Rasam can be enjoyed like a soup before a meal or mixed with rice and ghee. The spice mixture can also be added as a masala at the beginning of cooking.

✓ Strengthens the agni (digestive fire)

✓ Vegan

✓ Lactose free

✓ Gluten free

✓ Raw food

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Rasam Masala glass 80g

Rasam Masala glass 80g

CHF 9.00
For a balanced Ayurvedic cuisine and diet.
According to the recipe or simply add at the beginning of cooking.
Coriander *, cumin *, chilli *, pepper *, turmeric *, curry leaves *, mustard *, fenugreek *. * from controlled organic cultivation