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Original Ayurveda Kansa face/head massage stick, coarse or fine, handmade (Ayurveda paradise)

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In the Ayurveda paradise we exclusively offer you the 'Original Ayurveda Kansa face and head massage stick (wall)".

This is made from pure KANSA (a sacred metal made from tin and copper), which has long been used to cleanse, activate and balance the skin.

KANSA is 100% lead-free (laboratory test a.A.) and one of the purest metals on earth. Ayurvedic therapists place great trust in the unique KANSA massage stick.

The Ayurveda Kansa face and head massage stick consists hand-turned mango wood as well as Tin and a tested copper-tin KANSA bowl. 

The massage stick is manufactured in a small artist's factory in southern India for the Ayurveda paradise.

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The Ayurveda Kansa massage stick is delivered in a linen bag with the imprint 'Ayurveda Paradise'.
Size. 15cm length and 5cm diameter at the head, 180gr

rough metal head
fine metal head

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Product description

Ayurveda Cancer Massage Stab
The Kansa stick has been used by Ayurveda practitioners for over 5,000 years and not only has a plumping, decongesting, firming and softening effect on fine wrinkles, but in conjunction with the tool, it releases acids from the body that make the skin appear gray. This veil can be easily rinsed off with water and means your skin will be detoxified. The Kansa stick is made of mango wood and Kansa-Metall, one Mixture of copper and tin, manufactured. Ancient wisdom says that this metal is better than gold or silver and promotes skin therapy.
Treatment with one Ayurveda Cancer Massage Stab offers a “natural facelift“, which revitalizes and plumps skin, softens fine age lines, eliminates eye puffiness, firms jaw and cheekbones, strengthens facial muscles and promotes collagen. Also called “collagen induction therapy”.
Kansa is a cooling metal, balances pH by balancing the Bhrajak Pitta present in the skin and prevents acne, breakouts and congestion. It is a wellness treatment and trains the facial muscles and stimulates blood circulation to create an even skin tone.

Kansa wand massage also helps drain away the stagnant fluid that causes pain and swelling, further allowing skin care products to penetrate and absorb better.

The magic wand as they say in India relieves muscle tension, calms the nervous system, improves blood circulation and also supports lymphatic drainage.

The energy pathways are released and ensure a smooth flow of prana (breath of life, breath of life, life force) for radiant, healthy skin.

It slows down skin aging and keeps the skin firm, firm and healthy from the inside out.

Kansa head massage promotes blood circulation throughout the scalp, strengthening hair and promoting growth. It also promotes restful sleep, improves mood and reduces feelings of stress and tension.


Kansa wand massage should preferably be performed daily for 5 to 7 minutes. Mix some rose water with that Ayurveda Premium Beauty Serum and Facial Oil Kaircin (Kumkumadi). This mixture is suitable for all skin types. If you have very dry skin (Vata), use additional sesame oil and that Beauty serum facial oil.

Pat the mixture evenly onto your face.
Push the Kansas stick in three basic movements:
Zigzag – on forehead, nose and cheeks. Outwards and upwards – on the forehead, cheeks and jaw. Circular outwards – on the forehead, cheeks and jaw.

Massage your face with love for complete relaxation over the center of the eyebrows (third eye) and the hollow of the temples in counterclockwise and clockwise circles.

Kansa rod massage care and cleaning
Clean the Kansas rod by immersing only the metal head made of zinc and copper in light soapy water for a while. Make sure the wooden handle is not submerged in water. Never clean the rod with chemical or other aggressive cleaning agents.
For organic cleaning, mix a teaspoon of wheat flour, half a teaspoon of vinegar and a pinch of salt and clean the metal head with a soft cotton cloth. Rinse the metal head with clean, warm water and dry it. Place the Kansa wand massager in the included linen bag and store it in a bright, energetic place when needed.


Handle made of 100% natural mango wood matt without varnish or other thermochemical refinements with a base (coarse or fine version) made of pure KANSA (copper + tin).


Balances all three doshas and is suitable for all energy types.


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