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Garshan Massage silk gloves Bourette fine, 1 pair

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Natural, hand-processed Ayurveda Garshan silk gloves Made from Endi raw silk (eco-friendly) with a gentle peeling effect. Ideal for Ayurvedic dry massage and daily showering. Acts against cellulite, stimulates the metabolism and circulation and breaks down ama.
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Product description

Hand-made, Ayurveda Garshan silk gloves made of raw silk with a pleasant, gentle peeling effect. Ideal for Ayurvedic dry massage and for daily showering.

Garshan silk gloves made from raw silk eco-friendly

Using the silk gloves reduces cellulite, stimulates the metabolism and circulation and reduces Ama. The Ayurvedic Garshan dry massage gently stimulates the connective tissue and the skin in a unique way. Among other things, it helps to break down ama and reduce kapha. The skin becomes particularly receptive to oils and lotions. Just like the oil massage, the Garshan massage is performed before the shower. Instructions for using and washing the silk gloves are included. Uniform size unisex.

Silk farming without decoction of silkworms

Seidenhandschuhe von Seidenraupen

The Endi Rohseide literally "Non-injurious" denotes an alternative silkworm breeding in the open air. The silk threads are reeled from the cocoon only after the pupa has been removed from the cocoon or the moth has hatched from it. Inspired by Mahatma Gandhis philosophy of nonviolence inquired the Indian engineer Kusuma Rajaiah several years if possible one ethically and economically justifiable method To produce silk fabrics from mulberry silk without having to kill the pupae in boiling water as is done in conventional silk farming.

Edi-Seide is in India also under the name Endi or Errandi known. Kusuma Rajaiah is a staff member of the Andhra Pradesh Handloom Weavers Cooperative Society and has reference to its proceedings eco-firendly Ahimsa yarn manufacturing and silk fabric production obtained a patent in 2002.

Important NOTE: Please wash the silk gloves by hand at up to 30 degrees with a mild detergent.

Order Garshan massage gloves delivered from Switzerland.


According to Ayurvedic tradition.


Natural, hand-processed, eco-friendly silk gloves.