Lentils Love Spice Organic, 50 g

CHF 6.80

Lentils, mung beans or chickpeas cooked with the organic lentil love spice. All legumes taste really delicious and the digestion is not overloaded.
A finely tuned spice that is slightly stimulating. Lentil Love is therefore ideal with Ayurvedic Dal made from yellow mung beans.

✔ Spice mix especially for legumes

✔ Recipe compiled according to Ayurvedic knowledge

✔ Made from the best organic spices

✔ Made with love in the Classic Ayurveda spice factory

✔ Tinplate aroma protection can with shaker

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Lentils Love Spice Organic, 50 g

Lentils Love Spice Organic, 50 g

CHF 6.80
Lentils Love Organic Spice Blend for dal, stews and hummus. This is how Ayurvedic dal and legumes taste really good. Delivered from Switzerland.
According to the recipe or at will.

Kreuzkümmel*, Koriander*, Kurkuma*, Fenchel*, Anis*, Schwarzkümmel*, Lorbeerblatt*, Basilikum*.
* aus kontrolliert biologischem Anbau.


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