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Ayurveda textbook 2

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Ayurveda textbook - Volume 2 by Vasant Lad. A Complete Guide to Clinical Examination. 472 bookmarked hardback pages. View / print excerpt as PDF file
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Vasant Lad is one of the great Ayurvedic teachers and prepares this ancient science in a form understandable for today's students. In the second volume of his textbook series, he conveys the essential elements of clinical assessment in Ayurveda. The human body speaks a logical language. A good Ayurvedic therapist must train all the tools of perception and discernment to know exactly where the patient is in the disease process in order to choose the most effective treatment. Vasant Lad explains in detail and practically how a well-founded investigation has to take place. This includes the five clinical barometers such as investigating the causes and preceding signs, the phases of the course of the disease, the three categories of examination such as observation and palpation, the eight methods such as pulse, urine and stool diagnosis, assessment according to constitutional type, and assessment of the digestive fire Agni and the metabolic waste products Ama. In addition, detailed information is given on the disorders of the basic types (Doshas), the various tissues such as muscle and fat, the three body essences Prana, Tejas and Ojas and the body channels (including digestion). In the appendix you will find forms for a complete patient examination. With its illustrations, charts, questionnaires and practical examples, this book gives learners a unique introduction to the mysteries of Ayurvedic inquiry. dr Vasant Lad is director of the Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque and is active worldwide in imparting Ayurvedic knowledge.


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