Cumin seeds whole, 50g
Cumin seeds whole, 50g

Cumin seeds whole, 50g

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Cumin seeds not only for Ayurvedic cuisine. The flavor is hot and sweet. Cumin is digestive, strengthens your Agni and ensures better absorption of food.
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The cumin seeds give your dish an exotic but also oriental note, it is an integral part of every Indian curry mixture. Cumin is hot, bitter and cooling and can be used by all three doshas. Cumin is used for many digestive problems such as flatulence, stomach pain, diarrhea or nausea.

Cumin has a digestive effect by having the Agni stimulates and at the same time optimizes the absorption of minerals in the intestine. Before searing, I like to grind the whole seeds in a mortar or add the seeds to basmati rice. Cumin seeds are also ideal for a simple tea infusion, such as for stomach problems, together with fennel seeds and coriander seeds.  

According to the recipe or as desired.
Cumin seeds from 100% natural cultivation (organic).