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Healthy cooking with Ayurveda - Spiegel bestseller

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Professor Grönemeyer's World Medicine: Cooking and heal with the ancient teachings of Ayurveda

Dr. Dietrich Grönemeyer and Professor have been passionately committed to holistic medicine for decades. His concept of "world medicine" between high-tech, psychosomatic medicine and naturopathy also includes "healing through nutrition".


Mirror bestseller
Number of pages: 240
Binding: Hardcover
Weight: L / B / H: 27.1 / 22.3 / 2.5cm


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Product description

In this book he explains his personal way to Ayurveda and builds a bridge to modern science. Together with the renowned cook and nutrition expert Volker flour he explains simply and clearly the importance of nutrition in the millennia-old healing art Has. He shows how foods work in the body and why they also work for people in the West Path to healing can be - often even when conventional medicine no longer knows what to do.

in the large part of the recipe scoops Volker Mehl, who "Ayurvedic cuisine pop star“, From the full - with 84 simple, but extremely refined dishesthat tickle the palate and the Self-healing powers of the body in swing bring. True to the motto: No bans, just a lot holistic enjoyment!





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