Ayurveda Kochbuch: "Mit Liebe schmeckt's besser" von Dag Weinmann: Ayurveda Kochbuch, Entspannung, Hausapotheke, Pitta reduzierend, Vata ausgleichend, Vata reduzierend, Verdauung - Ayurveda P

Ayurveda cookbook: "It tastes better with love" by Dag Weinmann

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Ayurveda cookbook "It tastes better with love". Poetic, paired with a lot of love and many years of specialist knowledge from Dag Weinmann's healthy Ayurveda cuisine. Professional Ayurveda cook at the European Academy for Ayurveda in Germany.

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Ayurveda and the art of cooking

Ayurveda, the traditional medicine of India, regards the art of cooking as an attitude towards life of harmony and happiness. In harmony with nature, we draw from the abundance of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains and herbs in order to prepare dishes that fill body and mind with new vitality. The food is used in accordance with its seasonal and regional uniqueness.

In addition, a good Ayurveda cook knows about the individual needs of his guests and the transformation processes of cooking, which strengthen the healing power of food. In this sense, Ayurvedic cooking is a culinary art of healing and an Ayurveda cook is an alchemist for physical and mental well-being. This image also fits Dag Weinmann, who has enriched the Birstein Ayurveda cuisine in the Rosenberg Ayurveda Academy and the Kurzentrum for many years with unique creativity and serenity. His recipes often seduce with their simplicity and yet are very unusual and complex. Well-known local foods are turned into exotic creations, in which they have been refined with fine spices and a lot of love in a refined menu. Just try it out and experience the love of Ayurvedic cooking with Dag's recipes. I wish you a lot of fun and bon appetite! Kerstin Rosenberg Ayurveda expert, author, director of the European Academy for Ayurveda with an attached spa center.

Characteristics of an Ayurveda cook

According to Ayurveda teachings, an excellent cook should be be happy and balanced. However, it would be better if he is in love or has a lot of love in him. The food will certainly not taste too salty! "Love goes through the stomach," as the saying goes.

In reality love goes through all organs and at the same time touches the soul. Because love is not limited by anything. And it cannot be explained either. It is the same with an Ayurvedic dish. It can touch us deeply and we cannot explain why it is.

And that's just as well! With this in mind, we take time to fall in love. Because there is always enough timelessness for that! Also to pause and for matters of the heart, time for some Ayurvedic romance and a poetic hug!

Time for a few starry kitchen messages and delicacies!

I wish all readers a loving breakfast morning and a universe of culinary kisses.
Dag Weinmann Ayurveda cook  

Several times a day :-)
Poetic, lots of love paired with many years of specialist knowledge from healthy Ayurveda cuisine.