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Bio Coriander Samen im Glas, 60g

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Coriander Together In the glas. The ideal summer spice according to Ayurvedic teachings balances all 3 doshas.


✓ vegan
✓ from natural cultivation (organic)
✓ Lactose free
✓ gluten free
✓ Raw food
✓ Pitta reduceerend

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Product description

The Agni is strengthened with coriander. Coriander is a great summer spice. The fine, aromatic taste of coriander seeds and coriander herb promotes the balance of the fire and water elements in the body and thus has an appetizing and skin-therapeutic effect and activates the digestive and cell renewal process.

This makes coriander the ideal metabolic regulator, balancing the opposing qualities of Pitta and Agni. Just half a teaspoon of coriander seeds in the curry mixture helps to reduce excessive Pitta and increase weak Agni in the hot summer months.


According to Ayurvedic teachings and a recipe such as the book by Ayurveda physician and therapist Umesh with ‘My Ayurveda’ that is exclusively available in the Ayurveda paradise.


coriander*, quite

* from controlled organic cultivation